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Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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Rotate a set of 2D coordinates about the origin
3D integration
Getting the Average Value of Each Wave in a List of Waves
Round error value to appropriate significant figures
Communications Eye Diagram and Q-Factor procedures
Poisson Arrival Times
kernel density estimation (1d)
2D (Joint) Histogram
Separate XY Pair into Weekday and Weekend Waves
Cluster a correlation matrix
Müller's Method (find a complex root of an analytic function)
Simple ICA
Add 'Invert Wave' to graph contextual menu
Bode (magnitude and phase response of a linear transfer function)
Function to repeat a command in all subfolders of a parent folder No votes
Simple Spectral Analysis Functions No votes
Analysis of jumps in a two-level system No votes
Create a text wave histogram No votes
Sort By Time Of Day No votes
Stochastic ODE: Euler-Maruyama illustrated No votes
Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) No votes
Calculate the intersection (and difference) of two 1D text waves No votes
Chung-Kennedy Filter No votes
A simple panel for statistical comparison of two 1D waves No votes
Normalized Derivative Peak Functions No votes
Sine integral (two routines) No votes
Add a trace and update the average trace No votes
Display graphed subset of waves in table No votes
Using FFTs for Fourier Optics Calculations No votes
Duplicate the portion of a wave displayed in a graph No votes

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