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Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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Separate XY Pair into Weekday and Weekend Waves
Cluster a correlation matrix
Rotate a set of 2D coordinates about the origin
Getting the Average Value of Each Wave in a List of Waves
Round error value to appropriate significant figures
3D integration
Communications Eye Diagram and Q-Factor procedures
Poisson Arrival Times
kernel density estimation (1d)
2D (Joint) Histogram
Add 'Invert Wave' to graph contextual menu
Simple ICA
Müller's Method (find a complex root of an analytic function)
Bode (magnitude and phase response of a linear transfer function)
Daylight Savings Time No votes
Create Density Matrix From XY Data Points No votes
Interpolate a path with equal steps No votes
Function to repeat a command in all subfolders of a parent folder No votes
Find Areas of a Series of XY pairs No votes
Sort By Time Of Day No votes
Calculate the intersection of two waves No votes
Simple Spectral Analysis Functions No votes
Analysis of jumps in a two-level system No votes
Chung-Kennedy Filter No votes
Create a text wave histogram No votes
A simple panel for statistical comparison of two 1D waves No votes
Stochastic ODE: Euler-Maruyama illustrated No votes
Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) No votes
Calculate the intersection (and difference) of two 1D text waves No votes
Normalized Derivative Peak Functions No votes

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