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Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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Namesort iconRating
2D (Joint) Histogram
3D integration
A (Standard) Way to Get Help on and Remove Packages No votes
A basic chebyshev fit function No votes
A char2num function that works for ASCII codes 0-->255. No votes
A filtered list of all controls in a window, including subwindows No votes
A fit function for QENS data. No votes
A forced NewDataFolder to handle complex paths No votes
A mouse-over popup menu
A rudimentary timer (low granularity), that doesn't lock IGOR up. No votes
A simple panel for statistical comparison of two 1D waves No votes
Add 'Invert Wave' to graph contextual menu
Add a new line to the command line "silently" (i.e., without printing to history) No votes
Add a textbox containing a graph's name or title No votes
Add a trace and update the average trace No votes
Add Graphs To Notebook
Akima spline interpolation No votes
Allan Variance by Mike Johnson No votes
Ametrine color table wave No votes
An Apple OS X folder action script to load a TIFF file saved from VueScan No votes
An example NSIS installer script for a package No votes
Analysis of jumps in a two-level system No votes
Annotate traces by color No votes
Apple script to launch multiple copies of Igor on OS X No votes
Arbitrary Scaling of Gizmo Plot
Arrange Left Axes
Assign Wave By Index No votes
Asymmetric least squares smoothing No votes
Auto save for experiment files
Auto scale left axis based on currently displayed waves No votes

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