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Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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NameRatingsort icon
Comb function (derived from Sawtooth) No votes
Stochastic ODE: Euler-Maruyama illustrated No votes
Function to Use Relative Window Sizes No votes
Parsing strings into numbers No votes
Correlated Gaussian Random Variables No votes
Word Wrap Textbox No votes
Processing Wave Names/Paths and Lists of waves in XOP functions No votes
location conversion: x,y axis values to plot points No votes
AutoScaler Panel for Table Column No votes
Highlight a data point on all graphs No votes
Edit all traces in a directory No votes
Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) No votes
Load Waves and Append No votes
Igor device drivers available No votes
A forced NewDataFolder to handle complex paths No votes
DataBrowser Folder Versioning Button No votes
Calculate the intersection (and difference) of two 1D text waves No votes
Display images in interferogram (phase variation) mode No votes
Autoraising panels and graph windows upon mouseover (focus follows cursor) No votes
Catmull Rom spline No votes
A rudimentary timer (low granularity), that doesn't lock IGOR up. No votes
Automatically Align and Resize Layout Objects No votes
Bonferroni correction No votes
Stocks High Low Close Open Trace No votes
Setvariable Procedure to Allow Use of Wavemetrics %w Formatting No votes
Print All Graphs No votes
Numerical integration with Gaussian Quadrature No votes
Expand A Numerical Input Range to All Values No votes
A (Standard) Way to Get Help on and Remove Packages No votes
Rounding values to a defined number of significant digits No votes

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