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Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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NameRatingsort icon
convert image wave by a lookup wave No votes
Chi2 map - calculate chi2 as a parameter varies No votes
Scroll Panel No votes
getXRDML() - function to load xrdml data from Panalytical diffractometers using the XOP XMLutils No votes
A filtered list of all controls in a window, including subwindows No votes
Rudimentary Binary File Reader No votes
Development of an IGOR installer/package manager No votes
Export to EPS for LaTeX No votes
Allan Variance by Mike Johnson No votes
Parametric surface generation: execution time comparisons No votes
Batch savePict No votes
An example NSIS installer script for a package No votes
Print date and time header on layouts No votes
Calculate the polynomial coefficients of the Nth derivative of a polynomial coefficient wave No votes
Replace Text In Notebook No votes
Self Modeling Curve Resolution (SMCR) Procedure No votes
Load, Process and Display Modular Programming Example No votes
Return a Date|Time Stamp No votes
Fix Line Breaks And Load - Illustrates Use of Temporary File in Data Loading No votes
Auto scale left axis based on currently displayed waves No votes
Drag & drop listbox reordering No votes
Get Color of Graph Trace In Variables No votes
Create a panel representing equipment status No votes
One way of sending mail from IGOR No votes
Tiled Graphs No votes
Kullback-Leibler divergence No votes
Setting the Size of Graph Windows Associated with Graph Layout Objects for More WYSIWYG Behavior No votes
Mirror or UnMirror a Wave No votes
Import Cbf Byte_offset compressed images No votes
Function multithreading with Multithread keyword No votes

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