Code Snippets

Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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NameRatingsort icon
Extract Text From Plain Text File Using Notebook No votes
Ruler reset for notebooks No votes
Import Cbf Byte_offset compressed images No votes
DataFolderExists for data folder references No votes
Scale XY by Same Range No votes
Resize images No votes
Writing Results of a Curve Fit to a Notebook No votes
Add a new line to the command line "silently" (i.e., without printing to history) No votes
Sum Scaled Waves of Different Lengths No votes
Remove Traces Inside Marquee No votes
Batch Math program problem No votes
Jensen-Shannon divergence No votes
Word Wrap Textbox No votes
Add a textbox containing a graph's name or title No votes
Chi2 map - calculate chi2 as a parameter varies No votes
Comb function (derived from Sawtooth) No votes
Function to Use Relative Window Sizes No votes
An Apple OS X folder action script to load a TIFF file saved from VueScan No votes
Parsing strings into numbers No votes
Create Cleaned Up Version of a Plain Text File No votes
Load Waves and Append No votes
Processing Wave Names/Paths and Lists of waves in XOP functions No votes
location conversion: x,y axis values to plot points No votes
Parametric surface generation: execution time comparisons No votes
AutoScaler Panel for Table Column No votes
Highlight a data point on all graphs No votes
Calculate the polynomial coefficients of the Nth derivative of a polynomial coefficient wave No votes
Edit all traces in a directory No votes
Bonferroni correction No votes
LoadWave Combining Date and Time No votes

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