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Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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NameRatingsort icon
List files in Igor special folders following aliases (links) and directories
Progress bar panel
Save upon compile any or all procedure files in procedure windows No votes
Save Wave as General Binary No votes
Print names of traces in graph marquee No votes
Return Input Number to Arbitrary Precision No votes
calculate the centre of mass of an image No votes
Print multiple layouts in an experiment at one time No votes
Working out if a string list of IGOR commands is syntactically correct (i.e. would they work from the command line) No votes
Save Data Browser Selection as TIFF Files No votes
Get a streetmap of where you live using (via Google Geocaching) No votes
Generating a uniform random distribution of points in a circle No votes
Differential Equations of Complex Variables No votes
Change All Dots to Comma in File No votes
Compares two textwaves and determines unique values not shared by both No votes
Randomise pixels in image No votes
Matrix Tensor Product No votes
Delete all NaN (empty points) from a numeric wave or a text wave No votes
Scatter Plot Matrix No votes
Growl Notify No votes
Tektronix Query File Loader No votes
Rotatable Ellipsoid No votes
Polar Image No votes
Find graphs where a wave is plotted No votes
Fit And Graph a List of XY Pairs No votes
Kill a subwindow if it exists No votes
List of editor/highlightning engines with support for Igor Pro No votes
Simple code for Parametric Surface Wave of Revolution No votes
Hessian matrix estimator No votes
[XOP] Set complete wave to NaN No votes

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