Code Snippets

Code snippets are piece of code (usually short and simple) that serve a specific purpose. Larger pieces of code with multiple functions, etc. should usually be created as a project instead.
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NameRatingsort icon
Fit to complex-valued functions No votes
Growl Notify No votes
Correlated Gaussian Random Variables No votes
Rotatable Ellipsoid No votes
Polar Image No votes
Find graphs where a wave is plotted No votes
Kill a subwindow if it exists No votes
Delete all NaN (empty points) from a numeric wave or a text wave No votes
Simple code for Parametric Surface Wave of Revolution No votes
Normalized Derivative Peak Functions No votes
[XOP] Set complete wave to NaN No votes
Convert an unsigned 32 bit integer wave to two signed 16 bit integer waves No votes
Regular Expression Test Panel No votes
List of editor/highlightning engines with support for Igor Pro No votes
whois lookup search in IGOR. No votes
Custom Markers: Half filled circles No votes
Generating uniformly random distribution of points inside a sphere No votes
get list of all files in a folder (and subfolders) No votes
Binary search on PRE-SORTED text waves No votes
Convert Triplet data from grid into Matrix No votes
Sine integral (two routines) No votes
SubWindowList No votes
Catmull Rom spline No votes
Load Space-Delimited Text File and Process Each Column No votes
Using ExecuteScriptText to get a list of all environment variables and their values No votes
Rounding values to a defined number of significant digits No votes
Excel Functions Mapped to Igor Pro No votes
Annotate traces by color No votes
C code to add an Interface Builder created window to an OS X XOP. No votes
Using FFTs for Fourier Optics Calculations No votes

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