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Doxygen filter for procedure files

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This project here is a proof of concept implementation in AWK of an filter which translates procedure files into C-ish output for doxygen consumption.

Requires GNU AWK available for windows here.

Supported Features
  • Functions, including parameter type resolution, call-by-reference recognition and optional parameters
  • Constants
  • Macros
  1. Comment procedure files using doxygen commands

Tone Generator for Audio Output

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Tone Generator Panel

This is a procedure file that creates a panel for controlling generation of an audio tone (played out of the computer speakers or headphone jack).
Users can define frequency, duration, and whether the tone is repeated (as well as the delay between consecutive tones).

Compiling the procedure places a menu item in the Macros.

HITRAN procedures for Igor

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Collection of functions and procedures for loading data from the HITRAN database and simulating optical transmission through the atmosphere as a function of temperature, pressure and gas composition as well as thermal emission.

For more information about the HITRAN database, and to access the data files, go to:

Line Broadening

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Procedure File containing functions (and wrapper procedures with Menu calls) for convolving waveform data with standard spectroscopic peak shapes (Gaussian, Lorentzian and Voigt) with x-scaling awareness and preservation of integral normalization.


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HDF5gateway makes it easy to read a HDF5 file into an IgorPro folder, including group and dataset attributes, such as a NeXus data file, modify it, and then write it back out.

The goal was to make it easy to read a HDF5 file into an IgorPro folder, including group and dataset attributes, such as a NeXus data file, modify it, and then write it back out. This file provides functions to do just that.

ThreadSafeUtils XOP

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ThreadSafeUtils is an XOP adding two utility functions for threadsafe programming.


executes userFunction and returns its string if running in the main thread and an empty string otherwise. This converts the compile-time threadsafe check of Igor procedures into a runtime check.


userFunction must be a function returning a string and accepting no parameters. Although allowed it does not make sense that userFunction is threadsafe, because in that case userFunction is also usable with runtime checks for thread safety.

Brownian Motion Simulator

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Brownian Motion Panel.png

A Procedure File (BM_Simulator.ipf) for simulating a random walk and modeling Brownian Motion. This procedure creates a series of displacements generated after a "particle" experiences a series of random molecular collisions. Each collision moves the particle a distance determined by its mean free path setting. After a defined number of collisions, the particle is at a new, random location and the distance between its starting location and final location is termed a "displacement".

Tango for Igor Pro

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Tango bindings for Igor Pro

TANGO is an object oriented distributed control system being actively developed as a collaborative effort between several synchrotron institutes. The object model in TANGO supports methods, attributes and properties. In TANGO all objects are representations of devices. The devices can run on the same computer or distributed over computers interconnected by a network. The network communication is based on CORBA & ZMQ. Communication can be synchronous, asynchronous or event driven. Configuration data is stored in a database.

Generalized Linear Model Fitting

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This implements generalized linear models in a function glmfit. Support for unity-link (gaussian distribution), log-link (poisson distribution), and logit-link (binomial distribution), and tan-link (von mises distribution). General usage given in function TestGLMFit, with a log-link (poisson) example. It is best to just contact me directly for support.

DE - optimize with differential evolution

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Differential Optimisation - use instead of optimize if that isn't finding the global minimum.
Minimise (or maximise) an energy function by varying independent variables using differential evolution.

Easy peasy to use and comes with an example of how it works.

Fluorophore excitation and emission spectra

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The following Igor pxp file includes a panel for plotting the excitation and emission spectra of various fluorophores, including fluorescent chemicals (e.g., FM 1-43) or genetically encoded molecules (e.g., GFP). Includes the ability to overlay filter cube information (currently just FITC/EGFP and TRITC).

Spectra are from Chroma.

Multiple folder chooser

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Allows user to select multiple folders from a standard OS X file chooser dialog. Returns a string list with the HFS representation of the selected folders.

Lumencor light driver Panel

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Lumencor Panel

The following procedure creates a small, simple panel for controlling a Lumencor light driver:

This was created primarily to use with OS X as the company does not provide software for controlling the light source from a Mac.
Including the procedure during compile adds an item called "Lumencor" in the /Macros menu item.

08/07/14version 2 added colors and incremental changes to intesity

The FTDI USB to Serial driver must be installed on the machine:
The VDT2.xop procedure must be activated.

Projecto de mobilidade

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Projecto de mobilidade

Ellis 2: Complex curve fitting for one independent variable

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Ellis is a curve-fitting package exclusively for fitting complex functions of one independent variable. It has been used extensively in the optimization of electrochemical impedance models including simple Randles cells, Warburg diffusion elements, as well as more complicated models such as transmission lines and the point defect model of passivity.

A library of common impedance circuits are included as well as a nicely-commented template for writing your own.

View a 91-second quickstart video here:

Calculator XOP

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The Calculator XOP defines one operation named "Calc".
This operation allows to use Igor as a simple calculator while being able to resuse the last computed value.


•Calc 1+2
•Calc ans^2
•Calc ans+10 - 4
•Calc ans^2
•Calc exp(0.004) * pi^2 / ans

The output of the calculation is stored in a variable named "ans" in the root folder. This variable, together with other global variables or waves, can be used in future numerical expressions.

Universal File Loader

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The Universal File Loader package loads "universal" files into Igor.

The "universal" file format was created by Structural Dynamics Research Corporation in the 1960's and has been extended many times. It is used by the experimental dynamics (vibration and acoustic) community.

A general discussion of the format can be found here.

Automated Cell Tracker

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This program will automatically track a user defined object (cells) through a stack of images and output the X and Y pixel coordinates of the object, as well as the distance moved and velocity for each frame of the movie. Two zip files are provided (click "View all releases" to see and download them both). The zip file "Automated Cell tracker" contains three files: Cell Tracker.pxp, CTIPN.ipf and Cell Tracker Instructions.ihf. Before you open the .pxp file, place the .ipf file under the User Procedures file folder and the .ihf file under the Igor Help Files folder.

LaTeX Pictures

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PNG (PDF on Mac) LaTeX with Palettes

LaTeX Pictures
Version 2.3
Nov 9, 2015


The LaTeX Pictures.ipf and LaTeX Palettes.ipf procedure files implement a user interface for creating high-quality typeset mathematical equations using the LaTeX markup language.

Igor 6.20 or later is required. No installation of any LaTex-related software is required, but an active and working internet connection is. If your copy of Igor can open this url, your internet connection should be fine:

Print FetchURL("")[0,60]

Size Distribution Fitting (lognormal) - Wdie-Range Particle Sizer (WPS) Data Processing

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This igor procedure is to handle the airborne particle size distribution data measured using Wdie-Range Particle Sizer (WPS), since the original software provided along with the instrument is not very user-friendly.

Starting with a neatly organized panel, all functions are simple and straightforward:
- Load raw data with a single click;
- Automatically obtain major parameters (RH, temperature) and calculate the hourly average; (daily or monthly average will be added in future release)
- Graphing (size distribution, color-coded by number conc.);

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