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Graphical Memory Display

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For long term projects, it's easy for an experiment file to get very large and accumulate a lot of waves that might not be needed. This is a command line function that provides an interactive graphical view of the waves in the indicated parent folder and all immediate subfolders. All of the waves in each subfolder are color coded by their size.

Top panel buttons:
Update: updates the display if waves have been deleted or added
Folder Size: appends a graph of the size of each folder (in terms of cumulative # rows in all the waves)
Remove: removes folder size graph

Arc Hull Baseline

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Arc Hull is a baseline approximation for spectral data.

A concave-upward arc is defined by a circle centered at the midpoint of the spectrum. The depth of the arc is adjustable. The arc is added to the spectrum, and the lower portion of a convex hull is calculated for the resultant spectrum. The baseline consists of the sum of the arc and the convex hull.

Setting arc depth to zero creates a convex hull (a.k.a. 'rubber band') type baseline.

TEA_MT - Intensity versus time trace of fluorescent spots extraction and analysis software

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GUI of TEA_MT updated

The software was written so that all of the daily single-molecule (and other fluorescent spots) data analysis tasks are accessible at one place:
1. fluorescent spot detection,
2. co-localization of the fluorescent spots from 2 channels,
3. intensity versus time traces extraction for selected type of fluorescent spots,
4. filtering of traces
5. normalization of traces to an excitation field
6. intensity change point detection in the traces,
7. characterization of detected states,
8. manual selection of extracted traces,
9. 2D histogram plotting of the analysis results.

GIS shapefile and GeoTIFF file load

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Load shapefiles and GeoTIFF files into Igor. If the datum of loaded data is eastings and northings or false eastings and false northings, convert it to decimal lat/lon. This works for GeoTIFF images also.

There is also a macro to write shapefiles.

This experiment requires that the IgorGIS.xop is installed. (Available from Wavemetrics)

PHI SPE File Loader

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This package contains a loader for PHI SPE files. The files are generated by PHI XPS and AES instruments. The procedure is based on generous and greatly appreciated contributions from the folks at this link:


Here are some insights to the use of this procedure.

  • LoadPHISPEFile() - This command will load a PHI SPE file.

Color Wheel based on Color Star by Johannes Itten

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Color Wheel example 2

Utility to easily select and manipulate colors based on the color star. Color selection is interactive and can be easily applied to generate color tables. Color tables can be customized to accurately present multiple palettes


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bpc_ReadAxg is an Igor Pro extension (XOP) that allows one to import Axograph binary files (including Axograph X) into Igor Pro.
Axograph is a popular data acquisition and analysis software, especially on the Mac platform.
bpc_ReadAxg borrows from the public domain AxographIO sample code kindly provided by Dr. J. Clements, the developer of Axograph.
bpc_ReadAxg is compatible with Igor Pro 32bit running on Windows 32bit or 64bit, it requires Igor Pro 5 or later.

If you want to try out bpc_ReadAxg, please copy 'bpc_ReadAbf.xop' to your 'Igor Extensions' folder.

Apply Hex Code Color Theme to Graph

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This procedure applies an external generated or defined RGB color theme in HEX to traces in graphs. First, it converts a user-inputed textwave of HEX color codes to Igor Pro color codes, and then apply them to traces in selected graph. Two menu items will be added to "Graph" menu as "Input Color Theme" and "Apply Color Theme", so user need to selected the graph to apply the theme first to show the menu

Dynafit Simulation automation

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Use Igor to run and import simulated data from Dynafit.
Particularly useful if you want to generate progress curve in Dynafit based on enzymatic reactions and use IGOR to fit the data.

Scripts reads the Dyanfit scripts and allows you change values of the Dynafit script constants on the fly, simulate it and import the data.
The simulated data can be fit and individual observed rates are extracted and plotted onto a new graph*.

*Works for exponential and linear fit!

Let me know if you are planning to use it for publications or would like to see any improvements?

Semiconductor Conductivity Demonstration

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Semiconductor Demo Image

This package demonstrates the behavior of conductivity for a doped semiconductor. Graphs of ln versus inverse temperature and conductivity versus temperature are shown. Sliders allow the user to change the gap energy, dopant energy, mobility ratio, and dopant amount. The curves update dynamically, and reports of exhaustion and equivalence temperatures are made.

Instructions and the theory are provided as notebooks to the demonstration.

Coding Conventions

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Coding conventions and best practices for Igor Pro development.

Completely unofficial and authored by me.


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Provide a panel to perform the following 2 groups and multiple groups statistical analysis:

Mean +/- sem, normality test, variance test, cohen's D effect size
*Two groups: (paired) t-test, K-S Test, Wilcoxon Rank Test
*Three groups: ANOVA, Dunnette, Tukey

To select multiple waves hold Ctrl key when click wavenames


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bpc_ReadHeka is an Igor Pro extension (XOP) that allows one to import HEKA Pulse and Patchmaster data files into Igor Pro.
It is compatible with Igor Pro 32bit running on Windows 32bit or 64bit, it requires Igor Pro 5 or later.
bpc_ReadHeka is based on the work of Francisco Mendez & Frank Würriehausen the creators of the PPT software package.
It is a heavily modified and stripped down version of PPT with all functionality that is not directly related to data file loading removed.

Statistics from Experimental Data

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Data Stats Example Image


This package demonstrates statistical results after doing experimental measurements of a value. The objective is to explain the concepts of precision and accuracy in an easy-to-see manner.


The package is a self-contained Igor Pro experiment in a ZIP archive. A screen cast that shows the demo in action is available at this Google link

Statistics from Experimental Data


Consider the image of the experiment shown above.

Updated .FITS file loading

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This project provides updates to the native "Load FITS" package in IGOR. The .FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) file format is for storage, transmission, and processing of scientific and other images. There is much more information on the web, and is supported by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center at .

As of Igor version 6.12, FITS files can be read natively via Data > Load Waves > Packages > Load FITS. This package provides updates to that native routine.


  • Read files with multiple HDUs into IGOR as waves

Igor Games

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Igor games gives you two old fashioned games (mine sweeper and 15 puzzle so far), but more importantly, it has a some well commented code to show you how to do some user interface stuff in Igor Pro procedures.

Create NetCDF - NCGEN

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This allows users to create NetCDF files from IGOR Pro. It works by using the ncgen.exe utility created by UCAR (

XPST - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Tools

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About XPST

Current version: 1.1 (17. Aug. 2015)
XPST is a program package for the analysis of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) data. It includes various graphical interfaces as well as commandline functions to facilitate the workup of XPS data.

Solutions Panel

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Solutions Panel

A simple procedure file that creates a panel with calculators for determining the molarity of a stock solution. Also includes a calculator for solving for a dilution when making a working solution from a stock solution. Each calculators include dropdown menus for changing the units of the measured volume and weight. Compiling the procedure places a link in the Macros menu.

DLVO Fitting Program

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This program predicts the electrostatic force between two identically charged solids in solution, by numerical solution (Runge-Kutta) of the Poisson Boltzman equation (It provides solutions for both constant charge and constant potential assumptions). The electrostatic + van der Waals force (DLVO force) between the solids is also available by addition of a van der Waals Force (which accounts for a retardation of the Hamaker constant as function of distance).

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