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Neutron and X-ray reflectivity analysis package:

  • Use Parratt formalism
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Provide a number of functions for roughness
  • Installation:

  • Option1: Download anywhere on your computer and open_file/procedure from 'File' menu in IgorPro.
  • Option2: Download and copy it into Igor Procedures folder in IgorPro. It will shows up in the menu.
  • Note: if it complains about FONT, select your favorite font and apply it to all experiments. And new users might want to turn ON Tips from the Graph menu.
  • Downloads:

  • Download a proper version (window, mac) for you. (click "View all releases" below to see all the versions on NRFit page, especially for MAC with IgorPro <= 6.0.).


  • Home Web Site:
  • Data analysis standalone software (WIN, MAC): ScienPlot
  • Scattering Length Density Calculator ( or ( ; limited runtime): Webapp for PC, MAC, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Scattering Length Density Calculator: Download a Free Android Phone App here.



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