multiopenfiles - An operation that presents the user with a dialogue to select multiple files

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In Igor Pro 6.1 or later, Igor supports getting multiple files using an Open File dialog. See the "Displaying an Open File Dialog" topic in Igor's Programming help file. The MultiOpenFiles project was created before Igor had this capability.

This project uses an XOP to present the user with a native open file dialogue, that the user can select multiple files in. The XOP outputs the string S_filename on success, and sets V_flag==0. S_filename is populated with a semi-colon separated list of filenames. It does not open the files

If the user presses cancel V_flag is set to -1. S_filename should not be used in this case, as it is not set, you should use V_flag to check if the operation succeeded.


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IGOR.5.05.x-1.x-dev2012-Mar-07201.22 KBDevelopment snapshot for Igor 5.05.x and aboveHelp

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