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The MatrixFileReader XOP enables Igor Pro to read data acquired with the MATRIX Data acquisition system developed by Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH. The files are not interpreted directly, rather they are accessed through libraries from the Vernissage Toolkit by the same company.

Main Features
  • Very fast wave creation from a broad range of SPM/STS data types
  • Meta data conservation for a proper measurement documentation
  • No detour via the flat file format required
  • Check for recently acquired bricklets in the result file
  • Extensive documentation inside Igor
  • Works with data from all MATRIX versions
  • Possibility to access the raw untransformed data, therefore compatible with all matrix data types
  • The complete source code is available under a FLOSS license (LGPLv3 or later) for maximum flexibility and openness
Supported data acquisition modes (thoroughly tested)
  • Topography (Z and I)
  • Single Point Spectroscopy (Z and I)
  • Grid Spectroscopy (Z, I and varied-Z)
  • All Aux, Aux(V) channels
System Requirements
  • Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
  • Igor Pro 6.20 or later
  • Vernissage Toolkit 2.2/2.3
  • Install Igor 6.20 or later
  • Start Igor, this will create a folder called WaveMetrics in "My Documents"
  • Install Vernissage
  • Install the shipped vcredist_x86.exe (Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package x86).
  • Copy "matrixfilereader.xop" to "My Documents\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 6 User Files\Igor extensions"
  • Copy "matrixfilereader Help.ihf" to "My Documents\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 6 User Files\Igor Help files"
  • Restart Igor
  • Load the experiment matrixfilereader-basic-gui.pxp which includes a basic GUI for easy access to the XOP operations
  • Enjoy!
More Testing and Data required
  • AFM data
  • Electron Spectroscopy data
  • ...

In case you can help with data/patches/ideas please contact: matrixfilereader (at) byte-physics (dot) de.


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