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Makes browsing through projects with multiple files and lots of functions easier.


  • Shows all functions/macros from a procedure file including parameter types, return types and special properties (like static, threadsafe, etc.)
  • Shows constants/string constants and structure definitions
  • Alphabetically sorted list of functions/macro (can be toggled)
  • Allows jumping to their definitions by mouse and keyboard
  • Works with Independent Modules

For reasons of ease-of-use the function declarations are displayed as
myFunction(var, str) -> var for a function taking a variable and
string parameter and returning a variable. Programmers might recognize this as
being inspired by the trailing return types from C++11.

Navigation by keyboard
  • Open the panel or brings it to the front with CTRL+0 (zero)
  • Jump to the definition of the listbox selection with "." (dot)
  • Pressing any character while the ListBox has the focus will jump to the first listbox entry which starts with that character.
  • No parsing is possible while the procedures are not compiled.

See INSTALL.TXT in the zip file for installation instructions.


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