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The bpc_Dialogs XOP provides some external functions that facilitate writing interactive Igor procedures/functions. While similar functionality could also be achieved to some extend with Igor code, bpc_Dialogs.xop is supposed to make life a little easier, both for the programmer and also for the user. bpc_Dialogs.xop supports 32bit Igor running on 32bit or 64bit windows. It was developed and tested with Igor 6.2. But it uses standard Windows programming techniques, and there is a good chance that the XOP works just fine also with Igor 7.

bpc_Dialogs adds the following functions to Igor:
bpc_DynamicDialog() shows a modal dialog similar to Prompt/DoPrompt but with more options
bpc_DropWindowShow() shows a modeless dialog that accepts dropped files and calls an Igor callback function for each matching filename
bpc_MsgBoxEx() shows a modal dialog with up to 10 user-defined buttons
bpc_ToolWindowShow() shows a modeless tool window with user-defined buttons
bpc_ProgressWindowShow() shows a modeless dialog with a progress indicator
bpc_Excel2Igor() shows a modal dialog that allows one to capture data from selected cells in a worksheet of a running Excel instance

The XOP comes with a help file that demonstrates its use.


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