Transfer graphs between different experiment files

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Transfer graphs completely (both data and graph it self) from one expriment to another, some like as the Save Graph package but far more convenient. One does not need to save the graph copy as a text file and not need to load it using the Load Igor Text menu item.

How to use:
1 Drag the TransferGraph.ipf to the current experiment file and compile it. A menu named "TransferGraph" is created with two menuitems: "SaveGraph" and "LoadGraph". Do the same thing to the target experiment file you want to transfer graphs to.
2 Make the graph you want to transfer to another experiment file as the top most window, then choose TransferGraph->SaveGraph menu item
3 In the target experiment file, choose TransferGraph->LoadGraph menu item

Note: beofore transfered, all data associated with the graph should be saved(experiment saved). Gizmo Graph not supported.


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