Time-Frequency Toolkit

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Time-frequency decomposition

Graphical user interface for time-frequency decomposition of a signal. Future development will include multiple GUIs for time series manipulation and analysis - hence the "Toolkit" designation.


Interpolation and smoothing of XY or waveform data

Methods available: Linear interpolation, Cubic Spline, Loess, Gaussian, running Median, running Mean

Time-frequency decomposition

Methods available: Gaussian Wigner Transform, Continuous Wavelet Transform, Evolutive FFT

Spectral estimates

Methods available: Periodogram, Welch (overlapping segments), Blackman-Tukey (FFT of truncated correlogram), Multi-Taper Method

Confidence level

Comparison of spectral estimate to Red or White noise expectation.

Fully extensible

Users can write wrapper functions to include other analysis methods or to overlay related functionality.


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IGOR.6.10.x-1.x-dev2008-Jul-10582.03 KBDevelopment snapshot for Igor 6.10.x and aboveHelp

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