SOCKIT - a TCP/IP client for speaking and listening to network sockets using IGOR Pro

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SOCKIT provides TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6) network socket communication between a server and IGOR Pro (the client).

One can connect to a server then send and receive string messages with it. A string is just a collection of bytes, so you can send any collection of data you want.
The received messages are buffered to a text wave (optionally printed in the history window). One can also provide a 'processor function', which acts as an event handler for the message. One example of the processor function could be to act as a parser for Igor commands.

Both synchronous and asynchronous communications are possible, as well as threadsafe communication.


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IGOR.5.00.x-1.x-dev2015-Feb-094.75 MBDevelopment snapshot for Igor 5.00.x and aboveHelp

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