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Packages include individual Igor procedure files or collections of Igor procedure files that are related, as well as external operations (XOPs). To browse ALL projects (including those that have not been officially released) click on the Advanced Browse link above.

May 5, 2018


Last changed: 2 weeks 1 day ago

Import geochemical datasets from databases or from mass spectrometer output files, reorder and normalize to produce geochemical spider diagrams.


May 1, 2018

XPST - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Tools

Last changed: 2 weeks 4 days ago


***Since May 1st (2018) a new release for XPST is available!*** This release is specifically programmed for Igor 7 and not compatible with Igor 6. The Igor 6 version will still be available in the release section, but there will be no further support for it. Some methods from a new


April 25, 2018


Last changed: 3 weeks 4 days ago

A small notebook (notepad) that functions as a calculator.

Type an expression and hit enter. Use up and down arrows to insert previously executed lines. Use shift-up/down to replace selection with previous answers. Execution environment is current data folder. Type ? to set preferences.


April 20, 2018

Project Updater

Last changed: 4 weeks 2 days ago

Provides a way to keep procedure files in sync with releases on IgorExchange. This is not a package manager for multi-file projects, just a way to keep individual procedure files updated as new versions are released.


April 19, 2018


Last changed: 4 weeks 3 days ago

Tracer is a utility for digitizing data from images of graphs (which could be scanned or perhaps extracted from PDF files). The image is scaled according to the axes of the graph in the image, and data are created in an attempt to follow a trace across the image between endpoints marked by cursors. The data are extracted at the resolution of the image (one data point per pixel). If the curve does not form a continuous path between the cursors (due to poor image resolution or use of dashed lines), the procedure attempts to search for the next line segment.


April 18, 2018

Arc Hull Baseline

Last changed: 4 weeks 3 days ago

This package adds a collection of algorithmically-defined baselines for spectral data. It's named for the arc hull type baseline, in which a circular arc with adjustable depth is added to the spectrum (ie., the spectrum is bent), and the lower portion of a convex hull is calculated for the resultant spectrum. The baseline consists of the sum of the arc and the convex hull.

How to use the Arc Hull package


Baseline Fitting

Last changed: 4 weeks 4 days ago

The baseline fitting package is a baseline fitting utility for spectral data. The project builds upon the baseline fitting part of the procedure from Wavemetrics Technical Note #020 Peak Measurement and Fitting.

Additional features include:

  1. Use of the marquee popup menus and the marquee for efficient input
  2. Option to fit many traces at once
  3. Smoothed spline baseline
  4. Interactive 'line between cursors' baseline
  5. Option to fit a tangent to two curved regions of spectrum
  6. VersionDateLinksStatus

February 28, 2018


Last changed: 11 weeks 4 days ago

Encircle a cloud of data on a plot and shade the bounded region.

How to use:

  • Right click on a data point to invoke the trace menu and select "Encircle points" to draw a polygon that surrounds all of the data in the wave.
  • If you change the aspect ratio of the plot area you can repeat this procedure to update the shape of the polygon that surrounds the data.
  • Selecting "Remove Encircled Region" deletes the shaded region.

Polygons are drawn in the user back layer using axis coordinates and can be edited with the drawing tools.


February 11, 2018

Baseline Spline Fit

Last changed: 14 weeks 7 hours ago

For fitting and subtracting spline type baselines to spectroscopic data. A spline is a continuous curve that passes through points ("nodes") selected by the user. This Igor procedure file provides an interface that allows the user to position the points and see the resulting baseline. Version 4 uses a control panel interface.

How to use Baseline Spline Fit


January 15, 2018


Last changed: 17 weeks 5 days ago

This XOP wraps libSVM to provide Support Vector Machine-based classification, regression, and novelty detection in IgorPro.
For a detailed desccription of the algorithm, see

To install, simply copy the applicable XOP (macOS or windows, 32 or 64 bit) and SVM Help.ihf to the respective Igor Extension folder. SVM has been tested (and should work) on Igor7 on macOS and Igor 6.37 and Igor7 on Windows7.
The XOP adds two operations, SVMTrain and SVM classify, to IgorPro. For a detailed explanation if the syntax, see the included help file.


January 10, 2018

Gizmo Control for Scatter Plots

Last changed: 18 weeks 4 days ago

GCscatter (Gizmo Control for scatter plots) makes it easy to manipulate 3D scatter plots by collecting commonly needed controls in a convenient panel. Advanced settings and more info are available in the Gizmo Control menu.

Controls include: axis on/off, labels, ranges, ticks; window position and zoom; bonds, symbols and sizes, etc.

The control panel can be minimized, and is hidden when the Gizmo window is not active. When you reactivate it, the panel reappears. Multiple scatter gizmos can be used.


Point Labels

Last changed: 18 weeks 4 days ago

Puts labels on waves at position of cursor A.
Labels are the x position of the point.
Uses wave scaling or an x-axis wave.
Multiple labels on each wave.
Multiple waves in one graph.
Labels can be deleted on a per-wave basis.

Release 1.2 provides improved label formatting, including a settings control panel.


January 9, 2018

ALP Alternate Line Profile

Last changed: 18 weeks 4 days ago

Why ALP?
The Igor 7 image line profile has fewer features than in Igor 6. Wavemetrics is not currently planning to make significant changes, the
workaround suggested is to use IP6 procedures. Some issues are:
- The profile graph cannnot be modified, or the data explored, for example with a cursor.
- Does not take wave scaling into account.
- No longer possible to graph a profile, it can only be saved. (Has been changed in Igor 7.02)
- The saved wave is now a triplet. This is not visible in the default New Graph menu, inexperienced users can not easily graph it themselves.


December 27, 2017


Last changed: 20 weeks 4 days ago

Chem3D is a package for 3D visualization of molecules in Igor 7.03 or higher.
There are many excellent molecular graphics systems, but if you are using Igor for chemical purposes, it may be useful to have 3D molecular visualization in Igor.

Chem3D uses a scatter plot to display the molecule(s) in a Gizmo window. A panel is attached to modify and control many aspects of the Gizmo and of the molecular display. This includes: axis on/off, labels, ranges, ticks; window position and zoom; bonds, atom sizes (including van der Waals); atom numbers; molecular rotation; etc.


December 24, 2017

Graph Control

Last changed: 20 weeks 6 days ago

The ‘Graph Control’ package is a visualization utility to show the main attributes of Igor graphs and traces.
It allows quick manipulation of trace style, replacement, reordering and editing of selected traces, error bars parameters and easy work with data folders and multiple axes.
Plot attributes, as well individual and multiple traces can be copied and shared between graphs.
Additionally, the package allows for trace transparency and opaque overlay of multiple traces.


December 23, 2017

PHI SPE File Loader

Last changed: 21 weeks 23 hours ago


This package contains a loader for PHI SPE files. The files are generated by PHI XPS and AES instruments. The procedure is based on generous and greatly appreciated contributions from the folks at this link:


Here are some insights to the use of this procedure.

December 14, 2017


Last changed: 22 weeks 3 days ago

GraphBoard.ipf provide an alternative graph selecting interface for Igor Pro.


  • Simple user interface
  • Filtering with regular expressions
  • Extensible popup menu actions


Put GraphBoard.ipf into your `Igor Procedures` folder or `User Procedures` folder.
If you use `User Procedures` folder, you have to write `#include "GraphBoard"` on your main procedure window to load the procedure.

GraphBoard is available from the `Misc` menu.


November 17, 2017

Syntax Highlighting in VIM

Last changed: 26 weeks 2 days ago

Based on the work of Peter Li,, I completely revised the syntax highlighting for Igor Pro procedures in Vim.

Install into a folder read by gvim and add the following code to vimrc

" add filetype detection for Igor Pro procedure files
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.ipf set filetype=igorpro
" Honour user settings for colors or use the default igor pro colors
" let igorpro_default_colors = 1
" If you want to use folding, activate it with
" set foldmethod=syntax


November 2, 2017

Doxygen filter for procedure files

Last changed: 28 weeks 3 days ago

This project here is a proof of concept implementation in AWK of an filter which translates procedure files into C-ish output for doxygen consumption. Works with breathe and sphinx as well.

Requires GNU AWK. Available for windows here.

Supported Features
  • Functions, including parameter type resolution, call-by-reference recognition and optional parameters
  • Constants
  • Macros
  1. Comment procedure files using doxygen commands

October 27, 2017

Molar Mass Calculator

Last changed: 29 weeks 1 day ago

A notebook that functions as a molar mass calculator. Type a formula and hit enter. The calculated mass is output to the notebook window and inserted in the clipboard.

Alternatively, from the command line: print molWt("H2O") where H2O is replaced by the formula of interest. Please use correctly capitalized element symbols!


October 24, 2017

Transfer graphs between different experiment files

Last changed: 29 weeks 5 days ago

Transfer graphs completely (both data and graph it self) from one expriment to another, some like as the Save Graph package but far more convenient. One does not need to save the graph copy as a text file and not need to load it using the Load Igor Text menu item.

How to use:
1 Drag the TransferGraph.ipf to the current experiment file and compile it. A menu named "TransferGraph" is created with two menuitems: "SaveGraph" and "LoadGraph". Do the same thing to the target experiment file you want to transfer graphs to.


October 21, 2017

Loomis-Wood Add-In

Last changed: 30 weeks 18 hours ago

The Loomis-Wood Add-In is a package for Igor Pro that allows the creation of interactive Loomis-Wood plots for the analysis of high resolution molecular spectra.


October 6, 2017


Last changed: 32 weeks 2 days ago

CommandPanel.ipf provides an alternative command-line interface for Igor Pro.


September 21, 2017

OpenCL SGEMM implemented using AMD GPU

Last changed: 34 weeks 2 days ago

This is a simple implementation of OpenCL SGEMM using AMD GPU based on various web materials, written only for 64-bit Igor Pro 7, other version not tested.

*It works only for matrices which are divisible by 16 for now.
It is not well optimized, but might serve as a starting point for users who would like to explore computing using GPU with Igor Pro.
With AMD HD 7950, it provides around a factor of 3 speed up over Intel Core i7-4790.


August 21, 2017

Semi-Automated Routines for Functional Image Analysis (SARFIA)

Last changed: 38 weeks 6 days ago

SARFIA has been developed for the analysis of functional fluorescence data, for instance recordings from cells labeled with fluorescent calcium indicators. However, it allows access to a variety of inbuilt and custom-written image processing functions.


July 18, 2017

Gene set enrichment analysis report handling for graphing in Cytoscape

Last changed: 43 weeks 5 days ago

This project handles gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) output from the Broad Institute resource ( comparing enrichments between two groups and providing output to be graphed in Cytoscape (


July 4, 2017

MatrixFileReader XOP

Last changed: 45 weeks 4 days ago

The MatrixFileReader XOP enables Igor Pro to read data acquired with the MATRIX Data acquisition system developed by Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH. The files are not interpreted directly, rather they are accessed through libraries from the Vernissage Toolkit by the same company.

Main Features
  • Very fast wave creation from a broad range of SPM/STS data types
  • Meta data conservation for a proper measurement documentation
  • No detour via the flat file format required
  • Check for recently acquired bricklets in the result file
  • Extensive documentation inside Igor
  • Works with data from all MATRIX versions
  • Possibility to access the raw untransformed data, therefore compatible with all matrix data types
  • The complete source code is available under a FLOSS license (LGPLv3 or later) for maximum flexibility and openness

July 2, 2017


Last changed: 45 weeks 6 days ago


An Igor Pro procedure with offers an analytical environment for miniature events, written to analyze miniature EPSCs recorded in in vitro brain slice preparation of mice. Several parameters are obtained on each event (timestamps, amplitude, decay time, interevent interval etc) and the parameters can be exported as a comma-separated value file. Averaged trace of recorded events can also be prepared as a graph.

Getting Started


* tUtility (


June 30, 2017


Last changed: 46 weeks 2 days ago

iPhys is a dual image analysis / electrophysiology acquisition and analysis suite. Readable formats include TIFF image files, text data files and iPhys generated data files. The software was developed with increased automation of basic procedures in mind. For example, the user doesn't need to specify a file name for saving acquisition files, as they are automatically saved into the working directory. The user enjoys an extensive graphical interface with sticky windows (making dragging multiple windows easy), easy to activate and close plots and one click generated complex analysis modules.


June 14, 2017


Last changed: 48 weeks 3 days ago


Igor Pro GUI which offers a data acquisition environment with InstruTECH ITC16.

Getting Started


* Igor Pro 6.1 or later
* InstruTECH ITC-16 and a host interface
* ITC legacy XOP (ITC_X86_V##.XOP, ITC_X86_V## Help.ihf)


Similar to that of tClamp18 (

Work flow

Similar to that of tClamp18 (


* Click "Help" in tClamp16 menu.



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