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Packages include individual Igor procedure files or collections of Igor procedure files that are related, as well as external operations (XOPs). To browse ALL projects (including those that have not been officially released) click on the Advanced Browse link above.



Last changed: 1 year 1 week ago

bpc_ReadAbf is an Igor Pro extension (XOP) that allows one to import pClamp ABF 1.x and 2.x binary files into Igor Pro.
bpc_ReadAbf is compatible with Igor Pro 32bit running on Windows 32bit or 64bit, it requires Igor Pro 5 or later.

Molecular Devices Corp, the company selling pClamp, provides a file support package (FSP) to aid software development. This FSP
is available for 32bit Windows only. I created a very simple XOP that basically wraps some of the functions provided by the FSP.



Last changed: 2 years 2 weeks ago

bpc_ReadAxg is an Igor Pro extension (XOP) that allows one to import Axograph binary files (including Axograph X) into Igor Pro.
Axograph is a popular data acquisition and analysis software, especially on the Mac platform.
bpc_ReadAxg borrows from the public domain AxographIO sample code kindly provided by Dr. J. Clements, the developer of Axograph.
bpc_ReadAxg is compatible with Igor Pro 32bit running on Windows 32bit or 64bit, it requires Igor Pro 5 or later.

If you want to try out bpc_ReadAxg, please copy 'bpc_ReadAbf.xop' to your 'Igor Extensions' folder.



Last changed: 1 year 44 weeks ago

bpc_ReadHeka is an Igor Pro extension (XOP) that allows one to import HEKA Pulse and Patchmaster data files into Igor Pro.
It is compatible with Igor Pro 32bit running on Windows 32bit or 64bit, it requires Igor Pro 5 or later.
bpc_ReadHeka is based on the work of Francisco Mendez & Frank Würriehausen the creators of the PPT software package.
It is a heavily modified and stripped down version of PPT with all functionality that is not directly related to data file loading removed.


CCP4/MAR345 image plate file loader

Last changed: 10 years 9 weeks ago

File loader for CCP4 compressed files, such as used by the MAR345 image plate.

Because of licensing restrictions imposed by Daresbury Laboratory, it is impossible to supply this XOP in either binary form or with all the necessary source code.


Create NetCDF - NCGEN

Last changed: 1 year 34 weeks ago

This allows users to create NetCDF files from IGOR Pro. It works by using the ncgen.exe utility created by UCAR (


Dynafit Simulation automation

Last changed: 2 years 10 weeks ago

Use Igor to run and import simulated data from Dynafit.
Particularly useful if you want to generate progress curve in Dynafit based on enzymatic reactions and use IGOR to fit the data.

Scripts reads the Dyanfit scripts and allows you change values of the Dynafit script constants on the fly, simulate it and import the data.
The simulated data can be fit and individual observed rates are extracted and plotted onto a new graph*.

*Works for exponential and linear fit!

Let me know if you are planning to use it for publications or would like to see any improvements?



Last changed: 1 year 33 weeks ago

A XOP for web browsing URL/URI's. This could take the form of http://, https://, ftp://, file://, sftp://, scp:// connections. The operation directs output either to a string variable, or to File. A threadsafe operation is available.
Uses the Curl library.

Use it for downloading webpages, ftp, etc.

  • Authentication mechanisms are available.
  • Proxy compatible
  • Form/Post support
  • VersionDateLinksStatus
    IGOR.5.00.x-1.x-dev2013-Dec-22Development snapshot for Igor 5.00.x and aboveHelp

    GIS shapefile and GeoTIFF file load

    Last changed: 1 year 40 weeks ago

    Load shapefiles and GeoTIFF files into Igor. If the datum of loaded data is eastings and northings or false eastings and false northings, convert it to decimal lat/lon. This works for GeoTIFF images also.

    There is also a macro to write shapefiles.

    This experiment requires that the IgorGIS.xop is installed. (Available from Wavemetrics)



    Last changed: 5 years 29 weeks ago

    HDF5gateway makes it easy to read a HDF5 file into an IgorPro folder, including group and dataset attributes, such as a NeXus data file, modify it, and then write it back out.

    The goal was to make it easy to read a HDF5 file into an IgorPro folder, including group and dataset attributes, such as a NeXus data file, modify it, and then write it back out. This file provides functions to do just that.


    Igor preview generator for OS X

    Last changed: 5 years 8 weeks ago

    This project will automatically create a preview of a saved Igor experiment by compiling its available windows into a notebook and saving the notebook in a central location and keep track of them with a UUID that matches a generated UUID string stored in the experiment.

    The script will list the pxp files in the specified folder (instead of the notebook previews), and when you select one it will access the UUID stored in the pxp and match it to the appropriate preview file (or display "No Preview Available" if a preview has not yet been generated).


    Igor Root Bridge

    Last changed: 10 years 22 weeks ago

    ROOT ( is the most popular analysis/display package used in High Energy Physics. It uses a complex binary format to store data. This project links an Igor XOP to the ROOT libraries (which must also be installed) to allow import of the most commonly used data objects: 1- and 2-D histograms and 1- and 2-D profiles.



    Last changed: 51 weeks 11 hours ago

    iPhys is a dual image analysis / electrophysiology acquisition and analysis suite. Readable formats include TIFF image files, text data files and iPhys generated data files. The software was developed with increased automation of basic procedures in mind. For example, the user doesn't need to specify a file name for saving acquisition files, as they are automatically saved into the working directory. The user enjoys an extensive graphical interface with sticky windows (making dragging multiple windows easy), easy to activate and close plots and one click generated complex analysis modules.


    IR File Loaders

    Last changed: 7 years 18 weeks ago

    IR File Loaders is a package of Igor procedures that read many of the binary file formats that are produced by commercial FTIRs. The best tested of these are the Nicolet file readers. You also need the file New jdx loader.ipf, which is included in the zipped file. Place both the unzipped .ipf files in your User Procedures directory.

    Despite what it says there is a new release with a bug fix as of February, 20, 2011. Click on the View all releases link below.


    Localizer - localization microscopy toolkit

    Last changed: 5 years 50 weeks ago

    NOTE: binaries for Localizer can now be downloaded from The source code is available at

    Localizer provides a full package for performing localization and fluctuation analysis in superresolution fluorescence microscopy (PALM, STORM, SOFI, pcSOFI). The package comes in two parts, an XOP that is responsible for performing fast and efficient calculations, and an Igor procedure that provides a graphical front-end.

    The XOP includes operations for a full analysis, including:

    LSM (Zeiss) Image Reader

    Last changed: 10 years 6 weeks ago

    The LSMreader project is designed to open and read *.lsm files created by Zeiss LSM laser scanning confocal microscopes. Images are stored as Igor 2D or 3D (stacks) waves. Meta data are stored in strings or text waves. A subset of the meta data can be optionally stored as a wave note with each image. Individual parameters in the wave note can be extracted using the Igor functions StringByKey and NumberByKey.


    MATLAB Functions

    Last changed: 7 years 46 weeks ago

    The biggest barrier to Igor adoption is usually knowledge of another environment's language. One of these is MATLAB. If a MATLAB users sits down to write Igor code, sometimes they have a hard time figuring out what the equivalent function in Igor is the function they know in MATLAB. And even if they find that function, if they haven't programmed in Igor, they might get stuck on the syntax.

    IGOR.6.20.x-0.x-dev2010-Aug-05Development snapshot for Igor 6.20.x and aboveHelp

    MatrixFileReader XOP

    Last changed: 50 weeks 3 days ago

    The MatrixFileReader XOP enables Igor Pro to read data acquired with the MATRIX Data acquisition system developed by Omicron Nanotechnology GmbH. The files are not interpreted directly, rather they are accessed through libraries from the Vernissage Toolkit by the same company.

    Main Features
    • Very fast wave creation from a broad range of SPM/STS data types
    • Meta data conservation for a proper measurement documentation
    • No detour via the flat file format required
    • Check for recently acquired bricklets in the result file
    • Extensive documentation inside Igor
    • Works with data from all MATRIX versions
    • Possibility to access the raw untransformed data, therefore compatible with all matrix data types
    • The complete source code is available under a FLOSS license (LGPLv3 or later) for maximum flexibility and openness

    multiopenfiles - An operation that presents the user with a dialogue to select multiple files

    Last changed: 6 years 15 weeks ago

    In Igor Pro 6.1 or later, Igor supports getting multiple files using an Open File dialog. See the "Displaying an Open File Dialog" topic in Igor's Programming help file. The MultiOpenFiles project was created before Igor had this capability.

    This project uses an XOP to present the user with a native open file dialogue, that the user can select multiple files in. The XOP outputs the string S_filename on success, and sets V_flag==0. S_filename is populated with a semi-colon separated list of filenames. It does not open the files

    IGOR.5.05.x-1.x-dev2012-Mar-07Development snapshot for Igor 5.05.x and aboveHelp

    Multiple file loader front end

    Last changed: 8 years 13 weeks ago

    A small panel is presented to the user for loading multiple files into an Igor experiment. This panel gives the user the ability to navigate to the disk folder containing files to load. A listbox is then updated to show a list of files in that folder. The shift key can be used to define contiguous groups of files and the control key (Win) or command key (Mac) can be used to select and deselect individual files in the listbox. Finally a button "GetFiles" is used to end file selection and initiate further code exection. The panel code stores its waves in its own subfolder.



    Last changed: 8 years 7 weeks ago

    NeuralynxLoader loads individual Neuralynx files or entire folders containing Neuralynx files into Igor.

    IGOR.6.20.x-1.x-dev2010-May-06Development snapshot for Igor 6.20.x and aboveHelp

    NeuroShare File Loader

    Last changed: 8 years 15 weeks ago

    The NeuroShare XOP is an XOP for loading files from vendors that comply with the NeuroShare API standard ( This version of NeuroShare requires Igor Pro 5.00 or later.
    The NeuroShare XOP adds the following to Igor:
    A menu item in the Load Waves submenu (not yet implemented).
    Two command line operations.
    This help file.
    Help in the Igor Help Browser Command Help pane.
    LoadNSData behaves much like Igor's built in LoadData operation except that it loads files via NeuroShare compliant APIs.
    Filter provides basic digital filtering.



    Last changed: 8 years 8 weeks ago

    PG5_LoadDICOM is a package for loading some types of DICOM files. It can read any formal DICOM header, but the nature of DICOM is that the header contains the information needed to load the the data, which can be in any format (dozens of different ones for images, and other data like ECG/EKGs). For the usual CT /MRI /XR data of greyscale 8 or 16bit images, the loader can optionally load the data and display it. The code is pretty ancient and has been patched together for about 15 years now, but still works OK. I only not have Igor 6 functioning, so haven't tested it on IP5.


    PHI SPE File Loader

    Last changed: 25 weeks 6 days ago


    This package contains a loader for PHI SPE files. The files are generated by PHI XPS and AES instruments. The procedure is based on generous and greatly appreciated contributions from the folks at this link:


    Here are some insights to the use of this procedure.

    PicoHarp File Access for Igor Pro

    Last changed: 7 years 19 weeks ago

    This procedure is based on the File Access Demo in Matlab script written by Peter Kapusta, PicoQuant GmbH, September 2006.
    It was ported to IGOR Pro so that the binary data files (*.phd) created by the PicoHarp 300 time correlated single photon counting module can be directly read and analyzed.

    This procedure has been tested with version 2.0 of the PicoHarp file format (since Sept 2006) and is compatible with the most current hardware models.


    SFL: All Core Packages

    Last changed: 9 years 8 weeks ago


    This package provides two core packages developed under the STANDARDIZED FILE LOADERS (SFL) line: the structure + functions package and the input panel package. It also includes two file loaders: XML and Delimited Text.

    IGOR.6.03.x-1.x-dev2009-Apr-29Development snapshot for Igor 6.03.x and aboveHelp

    SFL: CorrWare

    Last changed: 9 years 48 weeks ago


    This is a STANDARDIZED FILE LOADER for the Corr Ware electrochemistry data format.


    This will process the three E, i, and t waves in a CorrWare file in one of three ways:

    • E(t) - kills the i wave, scales the E based on t, then kills the t wave
    • i(t) - kills the E wave, scales the i based on t, then kills the t wave
    • i(E)/t - scales the E and i waves based on t, kills the t wave, then links the i wave to the E wave

    The header for the file is stored in a string variable.

    Distributions Notes


    SFL: Delimited Text

    Last changed: 9 years 50 weeks ago

    This is a STANDARDIZED FILE LOADER to read delimited text files.


    SFL: Input Panel

    Last changed: 9 years 50 weeks ago

    This provides a panel to use for any type of STANDARDIZED FILE LOADER.


    SFL: IR Data

    Last changed: 9 years 48 weeks ago


    This package provides STANDARDIZED FILE LOADERS for IR data.


    SFL: Mini-Soft

    Last changed: 9 years 47 weeks ago


    This package provides a STANDARDIZED FILE LOADER for Mini-Soft files.


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