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Packages include individual Igor procedure files or collections of Igor procedure files that are related, as well as external operations (XOPs). To browse ALL projects (including those that have not been officially released) click on the Advanced Browse link above.


ADWU - Automatic download history meterological data from

Last changed: 9 years 19 weeks ago

This tools can be used to automatic download long period of meterological data from Wheather Underground website ( It require EasyHttp XOP.
The main function take in input the station id, the period of interested and the station type (airport or psw). When it is launch, it build the proper daily URL, easyhttp download the data that is stored in proper waves. A small panel is provided for select the input data, start the download and save the coming data in .txt file.
It is tested on WinXp, but should work fine whit Mac.


Annotation Tools

Last changed: 7 years 36 weeks ago


This provides a Control Panel as input to manipulate annotations on a graph so that they can be precisely positioned vertically and horizontally.


Automated Cell Tracker

Last changed: 6 years 16 weeks ago

This program will automatically track a user defined object (cells) through a stack of images and output the X and Y pixel coordinates of the object, as well as the distance moved and velocity for each frame of the movie. Two zip files are provided (click "View all releases" to see and download them both). The zip file "Automated Cell tracker" contains three files: Cell Tracker.pxp, CTIPN.ipf and Cell Tracker Instructions.ihf. Before you open the .pxp file, place the .ipf file under the User Procedures file folder and the .ihf file under the Igor Help Files folder.



Last changed: 1 year 4 weeks ago

The bpc_Dialogs XOP provides some external functions that facilitate writing interactive Igor procedures/functions. While similar functionality could also be achieved to some extend with Igor code, bpc_Dialogs.xop is supposed to make life a little easier, both for the programmer and also for the user. bpc_Dialogs.xop supports 32bit Igor running on 32bit or 64bit windows. It was developed and tested with Igor 6.2. But it uses standard Windows programming techniques, and there is a good chance that the XOP works just fine also with Igor 7.

bpc_Dialogs adds the following functions to Igor:



Last changed: 8 weeks 2 days ago

A small notebook (notepad) that functions as a calculator.

Type an expression and hit enter. Use up and down arrows to insert previously executed lines. Use shift-up/down to replace selection with previous answers. Execution environment is current data folder. Type ? to set preferences.



Last changed: 25 weeks 2 days ago

Chem3D is a package for 3D visualization of molecules in Igor 7.03 or higher.
There are many excellent molecular graphics systems, but if you are using Igor for chemical purposes, it may be useful to have 3D molecular visualization in Igor.

Chem3D uses a scatter plot to display the molecule(s) in a Gizmo window. A panel is attached to modify and control many aspects of the Gizmo and of the molecular display. This includes: axis on/off, labels, ranges, ticks; window position and zoom; bonds, atom sizes (including van der Waals); atom numbers; molecular rotation; etc.


Code Browser

Last changed: 1 year 37 weeks ago

Makes browsing through projects with multiple files and lots of functions easier.


  • Shows all functions/macros from a procedure file including parameter types, return types and special properties (like static, threadsafe, etc.)
  • Shows constants/string constants and structure definitions
  • Alphabetically sorted list of functions/macro (can be toggled)
  • Allows jumping to their definitions by mouse and keyboard
  • Works with Independent Modules

For reasons of ease-of-use the function declarations are displayed as


Color Wheel based on Color Star by Johannes Itten

Last changed: 2 years 1 day ago

Utility to easily select and manipulate colors based on the color star. Color selection is interactive and can be easily applied to generate color tables. Color tables can be customized to accurately present multiple palettes



Last changed: 37 weeks 16 hours ago

CommandPanel.ipf provides an alternative command-line interface for Igor Pro.


Create Layouts

Last changed: 9 years 8 weeks ago

A GUI tool that makes creating a new layout easier. This is designed to be a rough replacement for the built in Igor Pro New Page Layout dialog. At this time, however, this is not a complete replacement and is lacking some functionality, including the ability to add tables to the layout. The package allows the user to control the order of the graphs placed on the layout and allows the user to see thumbnail images of the possible graphs and to select them from a list.



Last changed: 9 years 18 weeks ago

An alternative approach to tab control, in part inspired by the Wavemetrics "Extensible Tab Panel Demo" experiment. This approach is used in the Time-Frequency Tookit package.

The impetus for this approach was to get rid of the cumbersome need to keep some sort of database of controls, or to name controls in a particular way, that can make updating controls in a tabbed control panel tedious. The tradeoff is that all control states must be continuously saved in global variables - something that is often desirable in a package complex enough to require tabs anyway.

IGOR.6.00.x-1.x-dev2009-Feb-14Development snapshot for Igor 6.00.x and aboveHelp

Easy New Notebook

Last changed: 7 years 36 weeks ago

This provides a hook to the New:Notebook menu procedure. The hook puts up a control panel with more settings than the standard New:Notebook dialog box.


Experiment Preview

Last changed: 5 years 7 weeks ago

The aim of this project is to aid the Igor Pro user in selecting one among many saved experiments. The method is to create a formatted notebook containing currently visible graphs in an open experiment. The notebook is saved under the same name and directory as the experiment. Saved notebooks can be quickly viewed through a panel containing a simple method of selecting a disk path and displaying the names of notebooks residing in that path in a list box. Contents of the notebook are displayed in a notebook subwindow on that panel when the user clicks on a item in the listbox.


Gizmo Control for Scatter Plots

Last changed: 23 weeks 2 days ago

GCscatter (Gizmo Control for scatter plots) makes it easy to manipulate 3D scatter plots by collecting commonly needed controls in a convenient panel. Advanced settings and more info are available in the Gizmo Control menu.

Controls include: axis on/off, labels, ranges, ticks; window position and zoom; bonds, symbols and sizes, etc.

The control panel can be minimized, and is hidden when the Gizmo window is not active. When you reactivate it, the panel reappears. Multiple scatter gizmos can be used.


Graph Control

Last changed: 25 weeks 5 days ago

The ‘Graph Control’ package is a visualization utility to show the main attributes of Igor graphs and traces.
It allows quick manipulation of trace style, replacement, reordering and editing of selected traces, error bars parameters and easy work with data folders and multiple axes.
Plot attributes, as well individual and multiple traces can be copied and shared between graphs.
Additionally, the package allows for trace transparency and opaque overlay of multiple traces.



Last changed: 27 weeks 1 day ago

GraphBoard.ipf provide an alternative graph selecting interface for Igor Pro.


  • Simple user interface
  • Filtering with regular expressions
  • Extensible popup menu actions


Put GraphBoard.ipf into your `Igor Procedures` folder or `User Procedures` folder.
If you use `User Procedures` folder, you have to write `#include "GraphBoard"` on your main procedure window to load the procedure.

GraphBoard is available from the `Misc` menu.


Graphical User Interface Procedures/General Utilities for Igor Programmers

Last changed: 4 years 34 weeks ago

A collection of utilties for user interface widgets (TabControls, SetVariables, PopMenus, window sizing, etc.) plus some other general utilities for Igor programming.

IGOR.5.05.x-0.x-dev2013-Oct-22Development snapshot for Igor 5.05.x and aboveHelp

HSL/HCL Colour Table Creator with GUI

Last changed: 3 years 41 weeks ago

This package allows the user to easily create their own custom colour tables for use in other Igor plots (either to define colours in image plots, or for colouring traces/data-points).

The interface allows the user to create four distinct types of colour table:

  • Single Hue table
  • Bi-polar (Double Hue) table
  • Multi Hue Category table
  • Hue Blend table

Igor preview generator for OS X

Last changed: 5 years 8 weeks ago

This project will automatically create a preview of a saved Igor experiment by compiling its available windows into a notebook and saving the notebook in a central location and keep track of them with a UUID that matches a generated UUID string stored in the experiment.

The script will list the pxp files in the specified folder (instead of the notebook previews), and when you select one it will access the UUID stored in the pxp and match it to the appropriate preview file (or display "No Preview Available" if a preview has not yet been generated).



Last changed: 8 years 20 weeks ago

Just a small procedure file to use LaTeX under Windows with Igor Notebooks. Quite rudimentary programming, use with care. You might have to twiddle with the source code for pointing the package to your latex BIN directory. Please read the documentation contained in the *.pxp.

NOT useful for MacOS without substantial modifications (the latex.exe call is OS specific).

Tested with 6.12A but originally written for IP5.05A...not sure if it works there still.


Interactive Dartboard

Last changed: 9 years 18 weeks ago

The "interactive dartboard" presents a clickable dartboard to the user. The package is intended to illustrate some programming techniques for writing graphical user interfaces: drawing calculated polygons, using Igor's coordinate systems, using "package" data folders, providing visual and sound feedback in response to user clicks by dint of a hook function.



Last changed: 51 weeks 11 hours ago

iPhys is a dual image analysis / electrophysiology acquisition and analysis suite. Readable formats include TIFF image files, text data files and iPhys generated data files. The software was developed with increased automation of basic procedures in mind. For example, the user doesn't need to specify a file name for saving acquisition files, as they are automatically saved into the working directory. The user enjoys an extensive graphical interface with sticky windows (making dragging multiple windows easy), easy to activate and close plots and one click generated complex analysis modules.


IR Shifted-peak fitting

Last changed: 1 year 26 weeks ago

This is a set of routines designed to fit temperature-dependent amide I infrared spectra of proteins and peptides. It has been shown that these peaks are temperature-dependent. The data is fit to a sum of Gaussian peaks, with center position and width of each peak assumed to shift linearly with temperature. In addition, the model allows an equilibrium between peaks, so that each peak may (optionally) increase or decrease in amplitude with temperature. The change in amplitude with temperature is modeled as a two-state equilibrium.



Last changed: 6 years 25 weeks ago


This package provides a panel to allow you to plot non-scaled waves that are paired as sets having a common independent wave (ie, having the form (y1 vs x), (y2 vs x), (y3 vs x), ... , (yn vs x)) without needing to use command line or menu controls.



Last changed: 6 years 37 weeks ago


This provides a control panel to input systematic logbook information in to a notebook, including a header, a graphic (window or picture), notes, and a history reading. It also allows you to execute commands from the note field and capture the history.

The DEVELOPMENT SNAPSHOP (below) currently contains the latest bug fixes and features


Lumencor light driver Panel

Last changed: 3 years 45 weeks ago

The following procedure creates a small, simple panel for controlling a Lumencor light driver:

This was created primarily to use with OS X as the company does not provide software for controlling the light source from a Mac.
Including the procedure during compile adds an item called "Lumencor" in the /Macros menu item.

08/07/14version 2 added colors and incremental changes to intesity

The FTDI USB to Serial driver must be installed on the machine:
The VDT2.xop procedure must be activated.


MATLAB Functions

Last changed: 7 years 46 weeks ago

The biggest barrier to Igor adoption is usually knowledge of another environment's language. One of these is MATLAB. If a MATLAB users sits down to write Igor code, sometimes they have a hard time figuring out what the equivalent function in Igor is the function they know in MATLAB. And even if they find that function, if they haven't programmed in Igor, they might get stuck on the syntax.

IGOR.6.20.x-0.x-dev2010-Aug-05Development snapshot for Igor 6.20.x and aboveHelp

Molar Mass Calculator

Last changed: 34 weeks 3 hours ago

A notebook that functions as a molar mass calculator. Type a formula and hit enter. The calculated mass is output to the notebook window and inserted in the clipboard.

Alternatively, from the command line: print molWt("H2O") where H2O is replaced by the formula of interest. Please use correctly capitalized element symbols!


Multiple folder chooser

Last changed: 5 years 40 weeks ago

Allows user to select multiple folders from a standard OS X file chooser dialog. Returns a string list with the HFS representation of the selected folders.


Periodic Table Panel

Last changed: 10 years 35 weeks ago

This provides a panel showing the periodic table of elements, with each element as a button that can be programmed to display or output information about the element.


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