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Packages include individual Igor procedure files or collections of Igor procedure files that are related, as well as external operations (XOPs). To browse ALL projects (including those that have not been officially released) click on the Advanced Browse link above.


Abeles - specular Neutron/Xray reflectivity curve simulation

Last changed: 1 year 33 weeks ago

This XOP generates neutron/Xray specular reflectivity curves from parameters that describe a scattering length density profile at an interface. The XOP is intensively used by the Motofit reflectivity fitting package.

  • multithreaded
  • VersionDateLinksStatus
    IGOR.5.00.x-5.x-dev2014-Feb-11Development snapshot for Igor 5.00.x and aboveHelp

    An interior-point gradient method for large-scale totally nonnegative least squares problems

    Last changed: 8 years 42 weeks ago

    Igor code for solving NNLS problems, coded using: (Michael Merritt and Yin Zhang, Technical Report TR04-08, Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University, Houston, Texas 77005, U.S.A., May, 2004)


    Arc Hull Baseline

    Last changed: 9 weeks 2 hours ago

    This package adds a collection of algorithmically-defined baselines for spectral data. It's named for the arc hull type baseline, in which a circular arc with adjustable depth is added to the spectrum (ie., the spectrum is bent), and the lower portion of a convex hull is calculated for the resultant spectrum. The baseline consists of the sum of the arc and the convex hull.

    How to use the Arc Hull package


    Baseline Fitting

    Last changed: 9 weeks 3 hours ago

    The baseline fitting package is a baseline fitting utility for spectral data. The project builds upon the baseline fitting part of the procedure from Wavemetrics Technical Note #020 Peak Measurement and Fitting.

    Additional features include:

    1. Use of the marquee popup menus and the marquee for efficient input
    2. Option to fit many traces at once
    3. Smoothed spline baseline
    4. Interactive 'line between cursors' baseline
    5. Option to fit a tangent to two curved regions of spectrum
    6. VersionDateLinksStatus

    Baseline Spline Fit

    Last changed: 18 weeks 3 days ago

    For fitting and subtracting spline type baselines to spectroscopic data. A spline is a continuous curve that passes through points ("nodes") selected by the user. This Igor procedure file provides an interface that allows the user to position the points and see the resulting baseline. Version 4 uses a control panel interface.

    How to use Baseline Spline Fit


    EccentricXPS - Analysis and Organisation of XPS Spectra

    Last changed: 1 year 14 weeks ago

    EccentricXPS is an Igor Pro procedure initially written to load, display and analyze the two-dimensional x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) images produced by our VG Scienta SES 200 hemispherical analyzer at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. EccentricXPS can load and display the images from the raw .txt files produced by the SES software (version 1.2.2, build 37) and then convert the images to normal one-dimensional spectra, which can be easily displayed, compared and fitted, either as single spectra or in bulk.


    Ellis 2: Complex curve fitting for one independent variable

    Last changed: 5 years 35 weeks ago

    Ellis is a curve-fitting package exclusively for fitting complex functions of one independent variable. It has been used extensively in the optimization of electrochemical impedance models including simple Randles cells, Warburg diffusion elements, as well as more complicated models such as transmission lines and the point defect model of passivity.

    A library of common impedance circuits are included as well as a nicely-commented template for writing your own.

    View a 91-second quickstart video here:



    Last changed: 1 year 3 weeks ago

    FitXPS is a procedure to fit a core-level X-ray photoemission spectrum (XPS) to a Voight profile with Shirley or Tougaard type background.



    Last changed: 2 days 17 hours ago

    GenCurvefit uses differential evolution (genetic optimisation), with a user defined fit function, to fit data with up to 50 independent variables. The technique is extremely good at finding global minima in Chi^2, even with poor starting guesses.

    Copyright - Andrew Nelson and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation 2007.

    IGOR.5.04.x-1.4.x-dev2014-Sep-21Development snapshot for Igor 5.04.x and aboveHelp

    Generalized Linear Model Fitting

    Last changed: 5 years 32 weeks ago

    This implements generalized linear models in a function glmfit. Support for unity-link (gaussian distribution), log-link (poisson distribution), and logit-link (binomial distribution), and tan-link (von mises distribution). General usage given in function TestGLMFit, with a log-link (poisson) example. It is best to just contact me directly for support.


    IR Shifted-peak fitting

    Last changed: 1 year 25 weeks ago

    This is a set of routines designed to fit temperature-dependent amide I infrared spectra of proteins and peptides. It has been shown that these peaks are temperature-dependent. The data is fit to a sum of Gaussian peaks, with center position and width of each peak assumed to shift linearly with temperature. In addition, the model allows an equilibrium between peaks, so that each peak may (optionally) increase or decrease in amplitude with temperature. The change in amplitude with temperature is modeled as a two-state equilibrium.


    MATLAB Functions

    Last changed: 7 years 45 weeks ago

    The biggest barrier to Igor adoption is usually knowledge of another environment's language. One of these is MATLAB. If a MATLAB users sits down to write Igor code, sometimes they have a hard time figuring out what the equivalent function in Igor is the function they know in MATLAB. And even if they find that function, if they haven't programmed in Igor, they might get stuck on the syntax.

    IGOR.6.20.x-0.x-dev2010-Aug-05Development snapshot for Igor 6.20.x and aboveHelp

    Maximum Entropy Fitting package

    Last changed: 10 years 1 week ago

    This is Maximum Entropy Package for solving problems which can be written as linear equation: I = G f, where I is measured signal, G is response matrix and f is a model distribution. It has been used for interpretation of a size distribution from small-angle scattering data, which involves the inversion of an integral equation for which there is no exact solution. It can likely be used for number of similar problems.



    Last changed: 6 years 33 weeks ago

    Neutron and X-ray reflectivity analysis package:

  • Use Parratt formalism
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Provide a number of functions for roughness
  • Installation:

  • Option1: Download anywhere on your computer and open_file/procedure from 'File' menu in IgorPro.
  • Option2: Download and copy it into Igor Procedures folder in IgorPro. It will shows up in the menu.
  • Note: if it complains about FONT, select your favorite font and apply it to all experiments. And new users might want to turn ON Tips from the Graph menu.
  • Downloads:


    Photoemission pair fitting

    Last changed: 10 years 35 weeks ago

    A very old, as-is, you are on your own, your milage may vary version of multi-peak fitting for special voigt pairs that occur in photoemission work.


    Size Distribution Fitting (lognormal) - Wdie-Range Particle Sizer (WPS) Data Processing

    Last changed: 6 years 14 weeks ago

    This igor procedure is to handle the airborne particle size distribution data measured using Wdie-Range Particle Sizer (WPS), since the original software provided along with the instrument is not very user-friendly.

    Starting with a neatly organized panel, all functions are simple and straightforward:
    - Load raw data with a single click;
    - Automatically obtain major parameters (RH, temperature) and calculate the hourly average; (daily or monthly average will be added in future release)
    - Graphing (size distribution, color-coded by number conc.);


    Visualization and Analysis of Broadband Transient Absorption Data

    Last changed: 1 year 18 weeks ago

    Updated to work with current Helios (v14) and EOS software. Please continue to email with any comments or bugs.

    This package includes a set of functions for processing and graphing wavelength and time-resolved absorption data. This code was designed to process data created by the Helios Femtosecond Transient Absorption spectrometer produced by Ultrafast Systems, LLC. However, it will work with any data with the format:

    0, time_1, time_2, . . . , time_M
    wavelength_1, deltaOD_1_1, deltaOD_1_2, . . . , deltaOD_1_M


    XPST - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Tools

    Last changed: 4 weeks 3 hours ago


    ***Since May 1st (2018) a new release for XPST is available!*** This release was made with Igor 7 and is not compatible with Igor 6. The Igor 6 version will still be available in the release section, but there will be no further support for it. The new package was also successfully tested with Igor 8.


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