OpenCL SGEMM implemented using AMD GPU

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This is a simple implementation of OpenCL SGEMM using AMD GPU based on various web materials, written only for 64-bit Igor Pro 7, other version not tested.

*It works only for matrices which are divisible by 16 for now.
It is not well optimized, but might serve as a starting point for users who would like to explore computing using GPU with Igor Pro.
With AMD HD 7950, it provides around a factor of 3 speed up over Intel Core i7-4790.

To use it, simply paste 3 files, OpenCLSGEMM64.xop, OpenCLSGEMM Help.ihf and into "C:\Program Files\WaveMetrics\Igor Pro 7 Folder\Igor Extensions (64-bit)".
You will also need to have AMD cards supporting OpenCL 1.2 or above, and the latest available driver for the card installed.

If you wish to use it with Nvidia card, or you want to keep the .cl kernel file somewhere else, you will need to recompile the XOP. All the source files are also attached for your convenience.


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