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This allows users to create NetCDF files from IGOR Pro. It works by using the ncgen.exe utility created by UCAR (

The interface allows you to output global attributes, as well as datasets with associated attributes. The dataset attributes are hard coded (short_name, long_name, FillValue, scale_factor and add_offset), but could be altered with a bit of effort. The interface is accessible via new menu items under NCGEN. This allows the creation of a GIU, which consists of a panel, an entry table for the global attributes, and an entry table for datasets. All datasets *Should* be output as the correct datatype and at the correct precision.

All data and dimension entries need to be full paths to waves in IGOR Pro. All datasets must have at least one specified "dimension" e.g. time. Dimension datasets must reference themselves in dimension1 entry to allow them to be declared as a dimension in the netCDF. I'll upload and example experiment with everything filled in to demonstrate.

The user must specify where the netcdf binaries: this is done via a dialogue from the |> button to the right of the ncgen path string on the main panel. A couple of status boxes will indicate if the path provided is valid. The user must also specify a location for the netcdf to be created, and a filename.

NOTE: In order to use this package, users must already have a recent version of the netCDF binaries installed in a location where the user has full read/write access, so probably not in the normal "Program Files" folder. You can get the netCDF binaries from:


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