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NOTE: binaries for Localizer can now be downloaded from http://sushi.chem.kuleuven.be/svn/Localizer. The source code is available at https://bitbucket.org/pdedecker/localizer.

Localizer provides a full package for performing localization and fluctuation analysis in superresolution fluorescence microscopy (PALM, STORM, SOFI, pcSOFI). The package comes in two parts, an XOP that is responsible for performing fast and efficient calculations, and an Igor procedure that provides a graphical front-end.

The XOP includes operations for a full analysis, including:
* Native loading of data from the manufacturer's file format for a range of scientific cameras (currently Photometrics, Andor, Hamamatsu, some Zeiss .lsm files, and grayscale TIFF files).
* Highly accurate segmentation of low-intensity Gaussian-like emitters (i.e. fluorescent molecules) from a noisy, inhomogeneous background.
* Precise localization of emitters using a variety of different algorithms (user-selectable).
* Post-processing of the analysis result, e.g. drift correction or emitter blinking (implemented in the procedure)
* Fast fluctuation analysis calculation for different orders.
* Different algorithms for producing publication-quality figures.
* Support for converting input data to different file formats, e.g. a standards-compliant TIFF file or Quicktime movie.

All operations have been designed to work with multi-gigabyte data that is much larger than the available computer memory.

A full reference on the operations implemented in the XOP is included with the package. This makes the XOP suitable for custom programming, possibly providing a convenient means for dealing with data from scientific cameras or as a powerful segmentation algorithm for recovering Gaussian-like emitters from grayscale images.

No programming experience is required to use this package.


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