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A screenshot of the interactive dartboard

The "interactive dartboard" presents a clickable dartboard to the user. The package is intended to illustrate some programming techniques for writing graphical user interfaces: drawing calculated polygons, using Igor's coordinate systems, using "package" data folders, providing visual and sound feedback in response to user clicks by dint of a hook function.

The package is very small, actually only a single procedure file. I wrote it mainly to test my CodeSnippet "DrawArcWedge". Maybe some of you find it useful. The code is extensively commented and a SubMenu item is added to the "Macros" menu.

This package was only tested with IP6.03 on Windows.


Official releasesDateSizeLinksStatus
IGOR.6.03.x-0.99-a2009-Feb-1412.93 KBSupported for Igor 6.03.x and aboveHelp

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