Automated Cell Tracker

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This program will automatically track a user defined object (cells) through a stack of images and output the X and Y pixel coordinates of the object, as well as the distance moved and velocity for each frame of the movie. Two zip files are provided (click "View all releases" to see and download them both). The zip file "Automated Cell tracker" contains three files: Cell Tracker.pxp, CTIPN.ipf and Cell Tracker Instructions.ihf. Before you open the .pxp file, place the .ipf file under the User Procedures file folder and the .ihf file under the Igor Help Files folder. A second zip file "Example Data" contains 30 images from a movie of cells migrating. You can use these files to play around with the program and see how the program tracks cells (just follow instructions for loading the files into the program). Please cite the following if you use this program: McKee CT, Biophysical Journal 2012, 102(5), 1224-1233.


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