Reading Header and Data From The Same File

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//	ReadHeaderAndData(pathName, fileName, extension)
//	Demonstrates how to open a data file to read header information using FReadLine
//	and then to load data from the file using LoadWave.
//	If pathName and fileName are not empty, they are expected to point to the data
//	file which will be loaded without any dialog.
//	If either pathName or fileName is empty (""), an Open File dialog is displayed.
//	If you are not familiar with symbolic paths, execute this:
//		DisplayHelpTopic "Symbolic Paths"
Function ReadHeaderAndData(pathName, fileName, extension)
	String pathName		// Name of symbolic path or "" to display dialog.
	String fileName			// Name of file or "" to display dialog. Can also be full or partial path relative to symbolic path.
	String extension			// e.g., ".dat" for .dat files. "????" for all files.
	Variable refNum
	// Possibly display Open File dialog.
	if ((strlen(pathName)==0) || (strlen(fileName)==0))
		Open /D /R /P=$pathName /T=(extension) refNum as fileName
		fileName = S_fileName			// S_fileName is set by Open/D
		if (strlen(fileName) == 0)		// User cancelled?
			return -1
		// fileName is now a full path to the file.
	// Read the header lines
	Open /P=$pathName /R refNum as fileName
	// Read header here using FReadLine
	Close refNum
	LoadWave/J/P=$pathName fileName
	return 0

For a fleshed-out example see

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