creating a wave with time stamp and text

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I want to create a wave which contains time stamp in one column and other column contains a text corresponding to a time. So, it is a two dimensional wave. I tried text wave, but then I can't add time stamp into it. I believe the wave will be scaled to ".dat" for easy view of the time, but then don't know the way to add the text in column 2.

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The data columns of a wave must be either all numeric or all text.

You may be able to use the wave dimension labels to store the text associated with a row in a numeric wave. Execute this for details:

DisplayHelpTopic "Dimension Labels"
DisplayHelpTopic "Showing Dimension Labels"

Dimension labels are limited to 255 bytes in Igor8. In Igor7 and before, they are limited to 31 bytes.

Alternatively you can use a 1D text wave and a 1D numeric wave.

For information on how Igor represents date/time values:

DisplayHelpTopic "Date/Time Waves"

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