Graph Control IGOR.7.00.x-7.0-0

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First released: December 24, 2017 - 14:57

A much-updated alternative user interface for graphs and layouts. Information on all major graph attributes (size, margins, axes) is readily accessible. Each trace is displayed with information about its location, X wave if present, error bars, axis etc. Change of any of these parameters is performed with a right-click. transparency is now seamlessly integrated with the color selection panel. error bars, including shades, are readily accessible. Traces can be copied and pasted to different graphs or on the same plot.
Further new options:
Placing selected plot on a layout
Duplicate the plot and replace it with traces from the current data folder -great when same named traces appear in multiple folders

New panel for manipulating graphs on layouts:
Control layout module
When a graph is selected on a layout, its top/left position appears on ‘position’ group box. ‘Copy’ places the values on ‘left’ and ‘top’ variables. User can also change these variables directly; this will move selected graphs to the appropriate location on the layout.
‘Plot Area’ changes the margins of all selected graphs
‘Width’ and ‘Height’ change the appropriate attributes of all selected plots
Arrows move selected graphs by the number of pixels that appears in the middle of the arrow selector
‘Align’ buttons align selected graphs to the left or to the top
‘Set grid’ aligns text to grid that is spaced by the grid size (this function may be buggy)
‘Manage windows’ shows/hides graphs outside of the layout window. The options include revealing or hiding all graphs that appear/do not appear on any layout
‘Graphs from selected datafolder’ shows all graphs from the selected directory (including sub-directories if the option is checked). ‘Delete datafolder and graphs’ removes (kills) all graphs that are associated with the selected directory. This operation is not reversible.

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