How do I use external operations (XOPs) in Igor Pro?

The following text is excerpted from the Using Igor.ihf file of Igor Pro 6.01.

The Igor installer creates a folder called Igor Extensions at the same level on your hard disk as the Igor application. The Igor installer puts some XOP files in this folder. XOPs in this folder are loaded when Igor starts up.

The installer puts less-frequently used XOPs in the More Extensions folder. These are not available unless you activate them.

If you place in the Igor Extensions folder an alias (Macintosh) or shortcut (Windows) for an XOP file or a folder containing XOP files, Igor loads those files also. This is the recommended way to activate an XOP that does not reside in the Igor Extensions folder.

If you drag files, aliases or shortcuts into or out of the Igor Extensions folder, you must restart Igor before the change takes effect.

To view this section of the help file from within Igor Pro, execute

DisplayHelpTopic "Activating Extensions"
from the Igor Pro command line.

Most XOPs from WaveMetrics and many user supplied XOPs also provide a help file (.ihf). The above excerpted text applies to these help files as well as the .xop files. So, if you want the help files to automatically be loaded when Igor Pro starts, you can create an alias/shortcut to the .ihf file and place that alias/shortcut in the Igor Extensions folder.

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