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I need to play a lot with the wave arithmetic panel. Since I have a X_shift in my waves, I need to correct for that looking at their difference or division. The panel is doing exactly what I need but I can not see a way to make it do the difference of the waves automatically after I change the X shift. Could you please help me on that?


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If you have not done it, please look at File->Example Experiments->Analysis->Wave Arithmetic Panel Demo.

You say "automatic", so I presume that you want the panel to shift the waves and then subtract without you doing anything between the shift and the subtraction. The panel simply isn't designed to do that. But after you shift, you can select the Wave Arithmetic tab and click the A-B button.

To do the shift and subtraction in one action will require writing your own procedure.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.

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