Curvefitting with Genetic Optimisation - gencurvefit v1.4 released

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Version 1.4 of the Gencurvefit XOP has been released.

GenCurvefit uses differential evolution (genetic optimisation), with a user defined fit function, to fit data with up to 50 independent variables. The technique is extremely good at finding global minima in Chi^2, even with poor starting guesses.

Included in the release are Win32 and Mac Universal Binaries, which are compatible back to IGORv5.04. Help files and an example experiment are included.

It is available from IGOR exchange - OR from the subversion repository

Its faster - there is a dialogue to let the user know the current state of the fit - there are new ways to abort fitting - Mac and PC versions have same behaviour.

It will also be available from Sourceforge in the near future (

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