Keeping yourself updated on forum posts

One feature that is common in online discussions and forums is the ability to "subscribe" to certain threads/topics such that when a new reply to that topic is posted to the forum you also receive that reply via e-mail.

Unfortunately, the software the currently runs IgorExchange does not have such a feature built in. However, there are a few methods you can use that provide similar functionality.

Regardless of whether or not you have logged into the site, on the right of your screen there are two links that can be used to track forum postings and other site activity:

  • All forum posts (if you have logged in, this will be New forum posts)

    This page will display all forum posts on IgorExchange in reverse chronological order. You will only see the title of the original forum post listed on the page, but if there are replies to the original post the number of replies will be visible. If you have logged in, this page will also tell you how many of the posts (including comments) are new since you last visited. If there are new comments, a link that takes you to the first unread comment is also provided.
  • All recent activity

    The All recent activity page displays all types of content on IgorExchange, not just forums. If you want to keep track of anything that's been added to the site, this is the place to do that. Again, if you are logged in you will see an indication of items that are new or which you have not yet viewed.

On the All (New) forum posts page (and many other pages on IgorExchange), you should see an orange icon at the bottom. This icon indicates that the page provides an RSS feed. Using a RSS feed reader (or aggregator), you can easily keep track of new content on the site without ever actually visiting the site. Most browsers allow you to click on the orange RSS icon to subscribe to the feed using your browser, but often you will find purposefully designed RSS aggregators to provide a better experience. Many desktop e-mail programs provide RSS feed reading capabilities, as do online aggregators such as Google Reader.

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