Example Use of Package Tools StartorNewHook Function

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This shows how to use information stored by Package Tools to check for information about a given package loaded in an experiment. You must have installed the package Package Tools in the Igor Procedures folder. Put this code at the start of your procedure file for your package. Modify it according to your needs.

// package parameters
Static StrConstant thePackage="YourPackageNameHere"
Static StrConstant thePackageFolder="YourPackageFolderHere"
Static StrConstant theProcedureFile = "YourPackageProcedureFileHere.ipf"
Static StrConstant thePackageInfo = "This is what your package does"
Static StrConstant thePackageAuthor = "Your Name Here"
Static Constant thePackageVersion = 1.0
Static Constant hasHelp = 0  // 0-no; 1-yes (called by DisplayHelpTopic "YourPackageName"
// hook function (at top of procedure file for you package)
Static Function AfterFileOpenHook(refNum,file,pathName,type,creator,kind)
	Variable refNum,kind
	String file,pathName,type,creator
	SVAR/Z pt = root:Packages:PackageTools:AnnotationTools
	String theCmd
	if (!SVAR_Exists(pt))
		// initialize package information
		DFREF cdf = GetDataFolderDFR()
		NewDataFolder/O/S Packages
		NewDataFolder/O PackageTools
		SetDataFolder cdf
		sprintf theCmd, "PackageSetup(\"%s\",file=\"%s\",info=\"%s\",author=\"%s\",version=%g,hasHelp=%d)", thePackage,theProcedureFile,thePackageInfo,thePackageAuthor,thePackageVersion,hasHelp
                // use the execute method to allow this to work in Independent Modules
		Execute/P/Q/Z theCmd
                // package parameter is already installed
                // do other things here depending on your package
	return 0

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