SpAcAn: Spontaneous Activity Analysis IGOR.5.03.x-1.03-2

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First released: March 20, 2010 - 08:49

The aim of this version was to improve the handling of events superimposition. This option now has its own tab and set of controls in the DetectedEvents window, and a set of new features:
* the user can superimpose tagged events and their mean + SD (including the synchronous signal in the other channel), using a set of pre-defined colors or random colors.
* Normalization (to an arbitrory segment of the trace chosen by the user) is optional; a cursor can highlight the portion of the trace that serves as a reference for normalization.
* The option "Overlay" allows the user to superimpose different sets of tagged events and/or their mean + SD using different colors (once the overlay option is checked, SpAcAn keeps on superimposing traces in the same window).
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