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Generic name for User Procedure folder ? millot1322 weeks 5 days ago
Average value in box plot vodicka723 weeks 1 day ago
Create a text box that contains a statement or statements, with no input required. ssmith9111423 weeks 2 days ago
How to plot a gizmo 3d-trajectory graphic with map in the bottom? peterming423 weeks 2 days ago
User interaction with "NewCamera" panel mouthbag223 weeks 3 days ago
Display Range rhjpires223 weeks 4 days ago
Calibration bar within subwindow chrisNell2024 weeks 16 min ago
Using an XOP function ThreadStart amtravco124 weeks 1 day ago
Integrating area under a peak? Kepler224 weeks 1 day ago
Monte Carlo analysis to calculate number of points for a good fit tdgordon1524 weeks 1 day ago
Dynamic PopupMenus in panels with subwindows rhjpires924 weeks 2 days ago
Querying thread-locking of a wave thomas_braun124 weeks 4 days ago
Dynamic PopupMenu rhjpires524 weeks 4 days ago
Timing things accurately thomas_braun1524 weeks 5 days ago
Detecting which subpanel & control was target of interaction rhjpires624 weeks 5 days ago
IgorPro 7 error with hdf file ? millot1924 weeks 5 days ago
Interpolate2 /FDS like flag or PCHIP spline interpolation method mtaylor124 weeks 6 days ago
General function to write text files with selected waves and variable sperators Mike German425 weeks 22 hours ago
MatrixOp minCols(w) hegedus125 weeks 1 day ago
WaveStats/PCST and column dimension labels in M_WaveStats ChrLie525 weeks 1 day ago
How to get the traces on Igor' logo wings125 weeks 2 days ago
Trace Order and Fill to Next Simplification ctmckee125 weeks 3 days ago
how to interpolate missing data within a 3D cube of data, or for a 2D image with missing slices nteutsch125 weeks 3 days ago
Angle-averaged Intensity vs Radius Profile from Intensity Image shifuxian2225 weeks 4 days ago
Help with coding panel - suggestions are welcome! rhjpires525 weeks 4 days ago
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