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Integrating area under a peak? Kepler211 weeks 11 hours ago
Monte Carlo analysis to calculate number of points for a good fit tdgordon1511 weeks 14 hours ago
Dynamic PopupMenus in panels with subwindows rhjpires911 weeks 21 hours ago
Querying thread-locking of a wave thomas_braun111 weeks 3 days ago
Dynamic PopupMenu rhjpires511 weeks 3 days ago
Timing things accurately thomas_braun1511 weeks 4 days ago
Detecting which subpanel & control was target of interaction rhjpires611 weeks 4 days ago
IgorPro 7 error with hdf file ? millot1911 weeks 4 days ago
Interpolate2 /FDS like flag or PCHIP spline interpolation method mtaylor111 weeks 5 days ago
General function to write text files with selected waves and variable sperators Mike German411 weeks 6 days ago
MatrixOp minCols(w) hegedus112 weeks 13 hours ago
WaveStats/PCST and column dimension labels in M_WaveStats ChrLie512 weeks 14 hours ago
How to get the traces on Igor' logo wings112 weeks 1 day ago
Trace Order and Fill to Next Simplification ctmckee112 weeks 2 days ago
how to interpolate missing data within a 3D cube of data, or for a 2D image with missing slices nteutsch112 weeks 2 days ago
Angle-averaged Intensity vs Radius Profile from Intensity Image shifuxian2212 weeks 2 days ago
Help with coding panel - suggestions are welcome! rhjpires512 weeks 2 days ago
Formatting wave to be in datetime format cmm557312 weeks 3 days ago
Make Error: "name already exists as a wave" cmm557212 weeks 4 days ago
Inconsistent Compile Error rhjpires212 weeks 4 days ago
Major and minor ticks when using "User Tick Waves"? isend512 weeks 4 days ago
Swap the left and right axes isend112 weeks 5 days ago
3D image arrangement r1ckdu313 weeks 12 hours ago
Standard Deviation vs Standard Error in Scatter Dot Plot Erik.Gylfe513 weeks 20 hours ago
Igor Pro 7.06日本語版がリリースされました (Igor Pro 7.06 Japanese Released) aclight013 weeks 1 day ago
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