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Igor in Linux using WINE RGerkin2837 weeks 3 days ago
Procedure loading dependency tree _sk937 weeks 3 days ago
Regression - Generalized Additive Model? J-E Petit337 weeks 4 days ago
Font substitution for non supported unicode character julien337 weeks 5 days ago
Working with a column of a 2D wave Sandbo437 weeks 5 days ago
Needing a colon : for include statements jcor438 weeks 2 days ago
Removing repeating values from waves epiphenom738 weeks 3 days ago
Lowpass filter characteristics used in the resample functions (Igor 6.37) jaydeelive01238 weeks 4 days ago
How can I force a double exponential (with x offset) to asymptote at a constant? Neurons1238 weeks 4 days ago
How to connect from IGOR PRO 7 on MacBook Pro (USB-C) to Mettler-Toledo balance (RS232) bfrick238 weeks 4 days ago
Igor Pro 7.05日本語版がリリースされました (Igor Pro 7.05 Japanese Released) aclight038 weeks 4 days ago
Igor Pro 7.05 Released aclight038 weeks 5 days ago
Using weights in non-linear optimization ankit7540238 weeks 5 days ago
Accuracy problem with LaguerreA function julien138 weeks 6 days ago
How to properly interpolate a Date/Time 1D wave? liko639 weeks 3 days ago
smoothing and filter frequency schmaud739 weeks 3 days ago
Weird rounding? CoryDolbashian739 weeks 5 days ago
Combining 2D waves twatson239 weeks 6 days ago
Broken fonts in History when opened in a Chinese Windows system isend140 weeks 19 hours ago
curve fit mwpro140 weeks 3 days ago
Using sleep function with Panels darlingtona240 weeks 4 days ago
Importing Nikon NEF Image Files jjweimer940 weeks 6 days ago
Extracting data from 2D wave Tika540 weeks 6 days ago
Where are include statements stored in Igor. Mike German141 weeks 3 hours ago
Word wrapping in procedure window ysspatil141 weeks 1 day ago
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