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Histogram with variable bin width provat434 weeks 6 days ago
Why are there THREE layers when I load ONE bmp file ? Jinhyung Kim234 weeks 6 days ago
Help understanding Macro Execute Error Neurons835 weeks 2 days ago
scaling with evenly increasing and decreasing Xwave linepic135 weeks 3 days ago
full wave path + cursors tutor135 weeks 3 days ago
Prevent unicode in string input? alexabelson235 weeks 4 days ago
Make a 2D wave from multiple 1D waves akablackmumba335 weeks 4 days ago
Plotting Part of a wave in a particular way CoryDolbashian335 weeks 4 days ago
Appending strings to a textwave?? CoryDolbashian435 weeks 4 days ago
Use x as a wave not a variable during fitting imksh2000435 weeks 4 days ago
Macintosh 64-bit XOPs and Igor Pro 8 hrodstein135 weeks 4 days ago
Igor procedure syntax highlighting on GitHub ankit7540235 weeks 4 days ago
imaginary part is missing imksh2000235 weeks 5 days ago
Help With Text Arrangement of ^ geologic335 weeks 6 days ago
Different Parentheses Generated geologic436 weeks 13 hours ago
Clicking in Igor 7 much less... accurate? reepingk136 weeks 1 day ago
Drawing on graphs, but only within plot rectangle BMangum436 weeks 2 days ago
Movewave Function CoryDolbashian436 weeks 2 days ago
Defining variable in curve fitting rubindg736 weeks 6 days ago
WaveMetrics web sites: informal discussion JimProuty436 weeks 6 days ago
Determining subwindow existance jtigor437 weeks 1 day ago
if else operation with two waves kh121337 weeks 5 days ago
line continuation when initializing 2d waves mph4137 weeks 6 days ago
Modify Graph with text markers -- rotation at arbitrary angle jtigor638 weeks 2 days ago
blurry window mwpro238 weeks 3 days ago
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