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HDF5 browser clauful54 weeks 6 days ago
Bug fix for Igor7 HDF5 Browser hrodstein04 weeks 6 days ago
Call Rose Plot from Function, Customize Axes Etc.? astrostu85 weeks 16 hours ago
Wave Names with , . etc. as part of the name CoryDolbashian25 weeks 23 hours ago
Place Cursor on Graph with Script ItalliaVP65 weeks 1 day ago
DoNewGlobalFit in ipf d_lenz75 weeks 2 days ago
Load & Plot multiple .txt to Common Graph ggm87725 weeks 3 days ago
FunctFit, multiple independent variables; error: X and Y data have different number of points Lucas25 weeks 6 days ago
64-bit version of HDF Loader XOP hrodstein45 weeks 6 days ago
Inserting overline alexabelson56 weeks 3 days ago
User defined equation does not show up in batch curve fitting window Tika26 weeks 5 days ago
OperationQueue questions thomas_braun17 weeks 1 hour ago
Set Coefficient Names in Curve Fit Dialog hegedus37 weeks 1 day ago
Issue with opening Igor Pro experiment generated on Windows, on the Mac Gemma Davison17 weeks 1 day ago
How to make the axis labels automatically rotate with the box in Gizmo? peterming37 weeks 1 day ago
Loadwave -> custom datetime mtaylor67 weeks 1 day ago
How to create a plot like this? peterming37 weeks 1 day ago
Axis title emerges when making a map peterming67 weeks 1 day ago
GraphWaveDraw and Igor 7 Youcefhd17 weeks 2 days ago
Area positive and negative Eugenia47 weeks 2 days ago
how to extract a column from a wave vishivishi117 weeks 2 days ago
Syntax Highlighting Problerm in VIM wings97 weeks 3 days ago
How can I output a publication-quality graph from Gizmo? peterming47 weeks 4 days ago
Writing a custom help file? Yanick27 weeks 5 days ago
comparing chi square values tdgordon157 weeks 5 days ago
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