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Wave Names with , . etc. as part of the name CoryDolbashian212 hours 25 min ago
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FunctFit, multiple independent variables; error: X and Y data have different number of points Lucas26 days 5 hours ago
64-bit version of HDF Loader XOP hrodstein46 days 12 hours ago
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User defined equation does not show up in batch curve fitting window Tika21 week 4 days ago
OperationQueue questions thomas_braun11 week 6 days ago
Set Coefficient Names in Curve Fit Dialog hegedus32 weeks 13 hours ago
Issue with opening Igor Pro experiment generated on Windows, on the Mac Gemma Davison12 weeks 13 hours ago
How to make the axis labels automatically rotate with the box in Gizmo? peterming32 weeks 13 hours ago
Loadwave -> custom datetime mtaylor62 weeks 15 hours ago
How to create a plot like this? peterming32 weeks 22 hours ago
Axis title emerges when making a map peterming62 weeks 22 hours ago
GraphWaveDraw and Igor 7 Youcefhd12 weeks 1 day ago
Area positive and negative Eugenia42 weeks 1 day ago
how to extract a column from a wave vishivishi112 weeks 2 days ago
Syntax Highlighting Problerm in VIM wings92 weeks 2 days ago
How can I output a publication-quality graph from Gizmo? peterming42 weeks 3 days ago
Writing a custom help file? Yanick22 weeks 4 days ago
comparing chi square values tdgordon152 weeks 4 days ago
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