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error: The fitting function returned NaN for at least one X value. paperlovestory821 min 43 sec ago
How to call external DLL from igor? Nadenon05 hours 43 min ago
Load most recent files in a directory ssmith91128 hours 35 min ago
Igor 7.08 - Position of controls in recreation macro? rwashenfelder39 hours 4 min ago
Printing difference of two waves uhe614 hours 29 min ago
Divide a 3D wave by a 1D wave layer by layer mgalenb61 day 15 hours ago
Using Integrate1D and Optimize Supriya Balaji24 days 15 hours ago
Auto-guess non-linear fit coefficients Supriya Balaji44 days 16 hours ago
Venn diagrams simcacl105 days 9 hours ago
Loading multiple waves with different firstline values noxidxela75 days 14 hours ago
Variable name dereferencing? aoa196 days 18 hours ago
Data Analysis of time domain signals wpk0101 week 12 hours ago
Circular dependency formulae _sk31 week 13 hours ago
Get coordinated of user drawn rectangle in image mouthbag61 week 17 hours ago
Igor 7 keyboard shortcut changes pmazzoni31 week 1 day ago
HDF5 Browser error on upgrade to Igor Pro 7 brewmeisterDoc31 week 1 day ago
Igor 7 Popup Contextual Menu Changes darlingtona21 week 4 days ago
Proper Data folder and path management CoryDolbashian31 week 4 days ago
copy / paste of graph formatting jcor11 week 4 days ago
How to get window's name pmazzoni41 week 5 days ago
How do I auto-update a procedure call ONLY at slider tick marks? jjweimer31 week 6 days ago
Is there a way to export multi graphs in one time? peterming51 week 6 days ago
Surface plot transparency Claudioez12 weeks 1 day ago
Simple Resizing Using X Algorithm (e.g., Like Doing "Image Size" in Photoshop)? astrostu32 weeks 2 days ago
Annotation Text with multiple lines. hegedus32 weeks 2 days ago
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