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take name of old wave and make new one out of it mwpro53 hours 25 min ago
My igor pro 7 cannot load GIS utilities peterming013 hours 52 min ago
Extract # Coefs from FitFunc geologic216 hours 49 min ago
Inverted Image upon import hegedus820 hours 24 min ago
remove suffix from a wavename mwpro220 hours 34 min ago
take waves from a 2-D matrix and assign each wave a name from a stringlist mwpro223 hours 28 min ago
Import #N/A data from .xlsx file peterming42 days 2 hours ago
Least-squares paperlovestory42 days 19 hours ago
Load spectre modou42 days 22 hours ago
Get all waves in all data folders. _sk113 days 19 min ago
RGB Overlaying Multiple Images For Auger Data Processing swm88er33 days 1 hour ago
Coordinate Data from 3D Surface Plot ggm87753 days 7 hours ago
Greek letters for variable names? bech43 days 14 hours ago
Using two waves to control hue and brightness of an image jmb34 days 34 min ago
How to create a plot like this? peterming44 days 1 hour ago
How can I make a plot like this? peterming14 days 11 hours ago
Load spectre modou05 days 11 hours ago
Load spectre modou05 days 11 hours ago
x2pnt vs FindValue rhjpires71 week 3 hours ago
ImageLoad error - System error #-8970 DavideT91 week 2 days ago
Curve fitting with superposition of waves Sylvio Indris11 week 2 days ago
Bug with Office 365 ? millot121 week 4 days ago
Increase limit of itemListSpec for PopupMenu Callisto11 week 5 days ago
String modou22 weeks 17 min ago
Updating a line profile of an image while movig the line drawn in the image kpantzas22 weeks 20 hours ago
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