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REMINDER: This is NOT the forum for asking questions about Igor - JimProuty0n/a
more /NWOK - tony42 days 12 hours ago by wings
Trace Popup position, GetLastUserMenuInfo - tony142 days 22 hours ago by johnweeks
up and down button event codes - xufriedman63 days 2 hours ago by jjweimer
listbox help wave - tony73 days 6 hours ago by johnweeks
How to embed a table in a notebook - ssmith91115 days 9 hours ago by hrodstein
Interpolate2 /FDS like flag or PCHIP spline interpolation method - mtaylor13 weeks 21 hours ago by hrodstein
MatrixOp minCols(w) - hegedus13 weeks 3 days ago by Igor
WaveStats/PCST and column dimension labels in M_WaveStats - ChrLie53 weeks 3 days ago by Igor
Trace Order and Fill to Next Simplification - ctmckee13 weeks 5 days ago by johnweeks
Typing out multiple lines of new commands - aoa105 weeks 3 days ago by johnweeks
Total Wave Size limit > 20 GB - Sandbo38 weeks 4 days ago by thomas_braun
Igor Pro for Direct (shell or batch) Control - jjweimer516 weeks 6 days ago by thomas_braun
Enhancing available options of "Got To Selection" wrt to function names in the history - thomas_braun0n/a
Concatenate/FREE flag - ChrLie626 weeks 6 days ago by bech
Some wishes about Igor - wings327 weeks 2 days ago by hrodstein
Keep Row Labels upon Concatenate - hegedus127 weeks 4 days ago by aoa
Append to existing waves - DRDana1027 weeks 6 days ago by ChrLie
Automatic SI prefixes in axis labels - edwardlaird128 weeks 1 day ago by JimProuty
Greek letters for variable names? - bech434 weeks 5 days ago by bech
Column Mode Editing - fabrizio336 weeks 6 days ago by johnweeks
Graph mode "Arrow to next" - joerg.kunze237 weeks 6 days ago by aclight
Load waves > Name conflict: Apply for all button? - CERFACS_JD0n/a
Allow subgroups in popup menues - thomas_braun0n/a
Global fit. Easy modifications in the data set, Initial Guesses etc. - tijead239 weeks 6 days ago by tony
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